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Black Beach This Is A Creative Story

1317 words - 5 pages

"Going out today?" came a cheery voice that awoke him. He was by, his mother, who bestowed a scrupulous breakfast on a tray in his lap. It was his favorite, a Jamaican cuisine, ackee and saltfish with fried breadfruit. Fitzroy was startled because his mother never asked him this question before nor ever served him breakfast while he was asleep in bed. Now he was asleep in the settee."Mammy are you feeling well?" he asked indefinitely.His mother shot him a reproachful look, then quickly began to smile, "Well I am going somewhere today and I was wondering if you could stay and watch your little sister.""Mammy are you feeling ok? You know you always leave her here anyway," he said, sitting up."Fitzroy man!" his mother replied annoyed, "just listen to what mammy have to say. Nuh?"Fitzroy stared at her, and waited for her to talk. "And I don't like that British slang, 'jack'", she disapproved. "I just thought that since its summer now," she paused, "you can go have your little fun," she smiled, clasping her hand and rubbing them slowly, with a youngish smirk on her face.Fitzroy had never seen his mother this way before. He blinked his eyes repeatedly, just incase he was dreaming."I met someone." Now he knew he was not dreaming. He dashed towards the fridge to put away his breakfast, he had lost his appetite. He was reluctant to hear anymore, as he stood at the fridge drinking a Pepsi soda. "Say no more," He replied, "He's in his 40's, he has a good job, he will make a fine mate for you Fitzroy, and the father you never had." Fitzroy continued sarcastically, as he was attempting to imitate what is mother would say after. For to him, this was what she said about all of them. He hadn't liked any of the men his mother spoke to, and wasn't going to like this one."Ok you can go to Black beach today," his mother hadn't seemed to be paying any attention to Fitzroy's imitation of his mother's tone at all, she was humming some oldies tune as she waltz across the living room. "With your sister of course, you know relax have fun, pretend you're at your mammy's place of birth, Jamaica!" His mother spun and slid around the living room lightheartedly, which was very unusual to Fitzroy.Fitzroy had always wanted to go to the Caribbean, his mother and father were both, Jamaican immigrants. He was born in England and grew up the 18 years of his life there. He had never stepped foot on the island of Jamaica before, and often fantasized that someday he would, despite the unfavorable things his mother told him about the country.Fitzroy said nothing in return and waited for his mother to add anything else. She left some money with Fitzroy, but only incase his sister Naomi might want something to eat or drink at Black Beach, at which point she hastened out the door.The beach only opened in the summer. Upon arrival there, it was sizzling and steaming and around 100° F. The sun was shying away behind some clouds. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Fitzroy to be...

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