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Black Beauty Introduction A story of a horses life filled with kindness and love but also cruelty. This story makes you realize that horse have feeling and can be born in a loving home and grow up with kindness as a foal, and then be sold to many different owners, cruel or kind. Black Beauty was born on a lovely farm with a nice meadow and lake he would relax during the day and drink his mothers milk. His mother's name was Duches but his master often called her Pet. When Black Beauty was little he was called "Blackie" because she was a dull shade of black and was just a foal. As Blackie grew he became very beautiful with a white star on his forehead, one white hoof and a small patch of white on his back. His master eventually changed his name to Black Beauty because she was so beautiful and black. Black Beauty's master was a good man when he was little his master would bring him and his mother some fresh oats everyday and speak to them in a very kind voice. But Black Beauty's Mother told him that he may not always have a good master and the world can be cruel and not realize that animals have feelings to and to never kick or bite anyone. Black Beauty's master decided to break in his horse himself. He slowly but surly got the Black used to wearing saddle, horse shoes and caring a rider on his back. Then it came time for the Black to be sold to a place called Britwick park where he was treated greatly and met knew friends. His knew master was Squire Gordon a kind man who loved horses.The black missed his home and all his freedom but he had his friends Ginger and Marylegs. Marylegs was a pony who would give rides to the children who would come over once in a while and Ginger was a horse that was treated very badly in the past and gained a very strong temper but this was improving as she got more love and better treatment as she continued to live in Britwick park. One day, Ginger told Beauty all about her life. When she was just a young foal she was taken from her Mother and put in a pasture with other foals with no one to take care of her. There was also a young boy who would through stones at her in the pasture and sometimes he would through them harder than usual and they would hurt allot. When it came time for her to be broken in she was treated very roughly and no one took the time to try to make her feel better or heal her wounds. Then she got a knew master who worked her to hard and gave her no rest ,but one day this was to much for Ginger and she began to kick until he was off of her and she galloped off into the fields. It wasn't until mid evening when a kind man came and got her , but even though he was kind his master wasn't he wanted nothing more than to look very fashionable so he kept Ginger's bit so tight her mouth bleed and her head very high so that she couldn't move it. But now that she was in Britwick Park she was very happy and well treated by her new grooms James and John.One day Mr. Bloom field the vicar in the...

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