Black Comedy Is “Clever And Uncomfortable” And Leaves An Audience With “Much To Talk About.” Do You Agree? The Two Plays ‘The Shape Of Things’ By Neil Labute And ‘The Lieutenant Of Inishmore’ By Mcdonagh.

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Black comedy is "clever and uncomfortable" and leaves an audience with "much to talk about

Black comedy is "clever and uncomfortable" and leaves an audience with "much to talk about."

Do you agree?

I agree with this statement, Black Comedy is uncomfortable for some because of it's ability to raise serious issues whilst also ridiculing. It leaves people with much to think about because it brings up grave issues that are not normally talked about let alone laughed at.. The two plays `The Shape of Things' and `The Lieutenant of Inishmore' are black comedy plays that are funny, witty and leave the audience feeling uncomforatable and thinking about the important issues raised in the plays. Mcdonagh the writer of "The Lieutenant of Inishmore" raises the issue of the Irish terrorist movement (IRA) and satires the absurdity of their actions. Labute the writer of `The Shape of Things' challenges moral values and the attitudes we live by.

The main characters of `The Shape of Things' Adam and Evelyn are symbolic of the names Adam and Eve. Alerting us to biblical characters and perhaps moral dilemma's good versus evil. Evelyn's character is opinionated, forceful, determined, and unconventional. She doesn't want to obey and is prepared to break the rules. This is opposed to Adam's character; he is conventional, wants to obey and conforms to society. It is difficult and emotional for audiences to consider good vs evil and laugh at this.

Various themes are expressed throughout the play including the meaning of truth in art. This is viewed at the start of the play as Evelyn discusses her attitude on the statue not being true art. Already we view Evelyn's technique of manipulation as she convinces Adam to let her deface the statue. The theatre style of realism is used by Labute to make the issues more shocking making the audiences feel shocked and uncomfortable.

The theme of manipulation Evelyn shows the extent of her power over Adam by telling him to give up his friends. He does with difficulty showing how much he loves her. Evelyn uses Adam the whole way through their relationship for her art project. Using Adam's love for her she manipulates him to do anything she wants. This is viewed as Adam is manipulated by Evelyn to receive a nose job. The audeience laughs at the way he is controlled abut it makes them think about how are they controlled when they are in love.

The issue of subjective is viewed at the end of this play as many people come away with different opinions on whether Evelyn's actions were right or wrong. Catharsis is viewed in this scene as the audience would feel and empathize with Adam in his humiliation but would also be feeling relief at the fact that it was not them. Some audience members laugh at Adam's humiliation others cringe. Adam has changed into a new person due to Evelyn he is more likable and looks...

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