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Black Dynamite Production Essay

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White originally thought of the idea around April 2006 for Black Dynamite while listening to James Brown's Super Bad but had seen many blaxploitation movies. White rented costumes, photographed himself, and showed it to Sanders who was immediately attracted to the idea.

The original trailer was recorded even before a script was written because White and Sanders had to shoot it to raise money for the film. It incorporated scenes from old blaxploitation movies with old voice overs from Adolph Caesar. The trailer was shot on Super 8 mm film for around $500. White and Sanders showed it to Jon Steingart who told them "Oh my God. Okay, we can raise the money for this."

After they were financed the writing of the script took about three weeks. They worked independently until they realized Sander's script was on the wrong track, he was able to contribute more in the rewrite.[6] During the writing process Minns' almost "encyclopedic knowledge" of the blaxploitation helped them write the script faster.

The cinematographer Shawn Maurer shot the film in Super 16 Color Reversal Kodak film stock to get the high contrast and saturated look. The filmmakers supplemented their shoot with the use of period stock footage from Sony Pictures Stock Footage. Using films such as Missing in Action, Charlie's Angels, and Police Woman. Black Dynamite was shot over twenty days in Los Angeles with several green screen days and one re-shoot day. The film had such a low budget that they had to "think in the same ways that they had to think" in the older blaxploitation movies. Sanders and White had a difficult time keeping the modern world out of the movie. Sanders was worried about anything modern that could destroy "the whole illusion" while White worked individually with actors to keep their tone correct.

Black Dynamite premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, where Sony Worldwide Acquisitions picked it up for distribution for "nearly $2 million". On June 14, the film went on to win the...

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