Black Elements Of The Film Taxi Driver

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Taxi Driver tells the story of a post-Vietnam veteran Travis Bickle, a loner suffering from insomnia, was driving in the mean streets of New York City, and was slipping slowly into isolation and violent misanthropy.Camera Ⅰ:Taxi was driving through the mist against the black background. Then the mist expanded. From Travis Bickle's eyes, we can feel that the streets full of the neon-lit were like a hell, strange and horrible. Then he found a job to drive a taxi to pass the endless hours of sleepless turmoil. During his work time, he saw the "scum" on the streets every day; he even encountered the passengers who have had violent sex on his taxi. The uses of the low-key lighting of the interior settings and the flashing neon lights are to show the black elements at the beginning of this film.Camera Ⅱ:Travis Bickle liked a beautiful girl Betsy. After his persistence in inviting her to see a movie, she agreed at last. Unfortunately, the date ended in a disaster after Travis took her to a porn movie. There were a group of people, men and women, black and white, making love together in the movie, which seemed very sick. It shows the unhealthy side of the main character's psychology.Camera Ⅲ:The film director Scorsese appeared as a husband spying on his wife, whose silhouette appeared through a window. He was sitting in the back seat of Bickle's taxi, claimed his wife was having an affair with a "nigger." Then he went into a long, monologue where he discussed inserting a gun into his wife and pulling the trigger. It shows that he is very angry and anxiety as a pessimistic and crazy character in the film.Camera Ⅳ:After Bickle had a talk with Iris after their fifteen-minute "transaction", he gave the money to the man walking from the shadow. I regard the money itself is the black element, because it had been given to Bickle from Sport, the pimp, when Bickle had first met Iris in his taxi. The money earned through sex is dirty.Camera Ⅴ:Travis aims his vengeance at an assignation. His sad attempt at drawing his gun faster is like a behavior by a child. His strange hairstyle and his marine or leather coat indicate his anger or his dark side, in contrast to his brushed hair and nice shirts. These changes show the...

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