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"Black English: Its Time Will Come In The Right Places."

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Being the diverse nation that the United States of America is, the United States' diversity in dialects is to be expected. One of the many dialects that is spoken in the United States of America is "Black English." It is an everyday spoken variety of English used mostly by African Americans. When people practice Black English, they often contract the words to make the sentence shorter and use slang. One can say that Black English is not grammatically correct. Even though it is not proper English, its constant and massive usage has given it a merit as a whole different form of our language. The question that people ask should not be whether Black English is "right" or "wrong," but when is the proper time to use Black English. After reading a passage by Rachel Jones on Black English, I agree with her assertion that Black English is improper in a professional environment; however I disagree with her on the assertion that it is never "right."There is a right time and a right place for everything, including Black English, and using it in a professional environment is neither the right time nor the right place. Using Black English in a professional environment gives a false impression of one's educational background and causes communication misunderstandings. Since Black English is not proper and contains many grammatical errors, it would be a good idea to refrain from using it when one is in a professional environment. Currently I am interning at the Mechanical Department of Engineering at the University of Maryland, which means I am mostly working with professors. The status of professor is attained after rigorous studies; professors are highly educated. When I go meet my mentor, he does not greet me by saying "Hey, what's up hommie?" but instead he says, "Hi, how are you doing?" If I do not formally greet him but start using slang when I speak to him, he may start doubting my intellect and whether I am suitable to work with him or not. Black English originated from the English spoken by uneducated African American Slaves, and now uneducated people mostly use it in the ghettos. Therefore, he might think that I have not been raised in an educational environment and that my work habits are not good. While interning there, I have never heard any of my colleagues use slang terminology. They always use proper English that is grammatically correct. So for me to use Black English there would be just absurd. This is probably the case in many other professional environments where people are judged on their intellects and academics. One of the many ways of judging a person is through his usage of language because I think it reflects both his intelligence and his educational level. In my experience, I have noticed that people in higher level of studies such as graduate students speak properly more often than they use slang. Professional field is also filled with diverse people, meaning they have different ways of speaking. So in order to understand each other,...

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