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Black Fish Essay

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A killer whale is a large toothed whale with distinctive black and white markings and a large fin. Killer whales are marine mammals that have violent behavior that can be recognized when they are trapped in small pools. Having killer whales in captivity is harmful to not only them but to killer whale trainers.

Killer whales are in danger when they are in captivity. When they are kept in their small cages, they have no where to go or run and hide when they sense fear or tension. While in the wild they have thousands of miles to escape incase tension builds up with another tribe of orcas (killer whales). Here’s something to think about, Why should killer whales stay in captivity after you hear about the violence they are doing to one another and innocent humans? In the movie “Blackfish” it shows trainers working with the marine mammals, and it shows the violence and the aggravation in the movie also. People don't ...view middle of the document...

People just don't understand because that has happened way too many times! Seaworld says,“since the killings of many trainers, they have invested in their trainers safety and working conditions.” Thats not the case though, having killer whales in captivity is wrong and looking at the survey provided, it is showing that other people are in the same boat you are in.

Seaworld is most famous for the orcas (killer whales) and other animals. The whales perform this big show that just makes everyones mouth drop but they don't realize that is just plain cruel. Seaworld is paying fines as 75,000 dollars just for all the killings and injuries of the whale’s trainers. Why should they keep on forking out all this money just for this one little entertainment? Why can't they just let it go? Seaworld will put up a fight for their orcas because that is how they make all their money. Basically the killer whales are their only big entertainment. Some of the marine mammals have some hards times with the pools because killer whales have sensitive hearing and all the strange noises (crowds screaming and the water pumping) are very harmful for them. Scientists say that they are capturing weird sounds coming from killer whales. They say the concrete pools will never replace the ocean or be anything near like an ocean. Killer whales deserve to be free!

Why let killer whales keep suffering? Why put them through so much that they can’t even handle? These massive animals are the happiest when they are in the wild. They love being in bodies of open water where they can play, jump, swim, hunt, and do whatever they want to do.

Killer whales need to be in the wild where they belong. They don't deserve to be in captivity for their whole life. Orcas should not be born into captivity. Let killer whales free into the wild where they belong.

Killer whales are massive animals that should be in the wild instead in small pools, performing for audiences. If you want to see killer whales you should go to the wild and see them. In their habitats where they are the most happiest at! After all this reading just maybe, maybe you will find a weakness in your heart to join the fight against killer whales being in captivity.

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