Black Mountain Herb Part 1

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The wind that always blows up here pushing gently on me, I waited as the cable cars from the parking area over a thousand feet below me came to a stop. We do not allow anyting up here that creates pollution, our cars are run on solar energy up here. Comfortable and green, the cars were probably the first calming influence in the visit here. This was a Very Special Place.Smiling as I walk to meet the guests, cameras about their necks and as many different styles of haute Casual as one could imagine, I shake a few hands and exchange a few moments of pleasantries. This is not everyone's first trip to the Blue Mountain. Most people seem happy to follow me toward our first reception hall. Greenhouse 1.I suppose I should explain.They call me and my wife marketing geinius' now, and will tell you on Wall Street that we saw it coming when others did not. I do not think so.Getting rich was never our goal, it just seemed to happen as we built our Very Special Place.Blue Mountain Herb.In the 1990's, when the war on marijuana seemed hopelessly lost, I had vowed one day I would build Blue Mountain Farms. Not a simple farm of marijuana, no way.I had vowed to build a palce that memorializes the fight for freedom that was the drug war. Getting rich seems to be a simple reflection of everyone else' agreement on the theme.I mean, we used good taste as this Special Place grew.It had started when weed was legalized. I had been growing for awhile, and seeing the way the wind was blowing, I made a decent sum of money before legality dropped the prices.Yes sir, I also claimed it as income that year and proudly paid taxes on it. Just like we always said we would.To make a long story shorter, there is a place in Wyoming, called Story.It is a little town, picturesque with wildlife walking through the main street and a glacier creek feeding a trout farm. Pines and high mountains all about you.I bought a small bit of land up there with the proceeds, ground my way through the paperwork and the clearances, put up the ten foot fence that I was required to have under the new rules. and planted a field of marijuana.Having long maintained that marijuana or hemp would be good for the farmer in Wyoming, we were watched pretty close. Most folks were content to be progressive enough to not oppose legalization as it swept the States, but it was still a thing better left to California or Somewhere Else.That first year I made enough money selling medical grade marijuana to legal distruibution centers that I paid off the land, and built a greenhouse. Now, I will be honest, I had always argued that marijuana would be an excellent money maker if legal, can you blame me for wanting to try? After that year a lot of farmers wated to try.We put tables in that first greenhouse, advertised a bit and soon were building log cabins on a piece of unplanted land in the pines.People were paying to spend the weekends on Blue mountain.Soon, it seems like it went very fast anyway as I look back, well,...

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