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The Black History Month is a time when the children are taught about the inventions that were mostly done by the black pioneers. During this month, the children are taught on the most basic information regarding he black pioneers but the background information is not taught. Due to the shallowness of the lessons in this month, those taught concerning it carry very little significance of an individual such as Charles Drew having invented the blood plasma. This period is celebrated in the month of February and has been controversial for some time. Most individuals especially from the Black Americans argue that this month should not be celebrated. Award winning actor by the name of Morgan ...view middle of the document...

This can be used to show that the whites’ accomplishments are so many that they are celebrated all year round. Moreover, it was derived from the previously celebrated Negro History Week, which was directly racist. This implies that the Black History Month is a pure indication of racism by the whites. Morgan Freeman cements the negativity of the Black History Month by stating that the only way to end racism is to stop talking about it. This implies that scrapping the Black History Month would ease up on racism. This is because setting a month aside for one race implies that the education system wants their children to grow up knowing that the black population is inferior in a way. Morgan Freeman adds that if the Black History Month were a positive thing, then the country would have had other months when other races such as Jews or even the whites themselves are celebrated. Having it as simply Black History Month ensures that people keep talking about blacks and whites, which is the point that Morgan Freeman was intending to emphasize. According to him, black and white are the main obstacles to elimination of racism in the U.S. This is a solid reason why the Black History Month should be done away with.

On the other hand, the Black History Month raises issues concerning equality. Specifically, if all people in America are perceived as equal, why is there a month dedicated for a specific minority group? This is used to showcase inequality that is subjected to the black group since if all people were equal then they should act like it and stop dedicating a month to a...

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