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Black History Month Paper Girls Church Reserch Papaer

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They take my kindness for...WEAKNESS They take my silence for...SPEECHLESS ...They consider my uniqueness...STRANGE They call my language...SLANG They see my confidence as...CONCEIT They see my mistakes as...DEFEAT They consider my success...ACCIDENTAL They minimize my intelligence to...POTENTIAL My questions mean I am...UNAWARE My advancement is somehow...UNFAIR To voice concern is...DISCONTENTMENT If I stand up for myself I am too...DEFENSIVE If I don't trust them I am too...APPREHENSIVE I am defiant if I...SEPARATE I am fake if I...ASSIMILATE My Character is constantly...UNDER ATTACK Pride for my race makes me... TOO BLACK Lord, Lord, Why did you make me Black? Why did you make someone? The world wants to hold back? Black is the color of dirty clothes; the color of grimy hands and feet. Black is the color of darkness; the color of tire-beaten streets. Why did you give me thick lip. A broad nose and kinky hair? Why did you make me someone? Who receives the hatred stare? Black is the color of the bruised eye. When someone gets hurt. Black is the color of darkness. Black is the color of dirt. How come my bone structure's so thick; my hips and cheeks are high? How come my eyes are brown? And not the color of the daylight sky? Why do people think I'm useless? How come I feel so used? Why do some people see my skin and think I should be abused? Lord, I just don't understand. What is it about my skin? Why do some people want to hate me? And not know the person within? Black is what people are "listed”, When others want to keep them away. Black is the color of shadows cast. Black is the end of the day. Lord, you know, my own...

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423 words - 2 pages To start, Black History Month started off from being celebrated for only a week to a month. But people today are considering if black history should stay or go. In the sources 3 and 4 they speak about how the month should stay because we haven’t finish learning about it thoroughly. In Source 1 and 2 they tell how it should go because it’s apart of American history. Based on the sources the pros for keeping black history are that we have more

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2071 words - 9 pages . Web. 19 February 2014 Hochschild, Jennifer L. “The Skin Color Paradox and the American Racial Order.” Scholar., December.2007. Web. 19 February 2014. Gayle, Angellique. “Light Supremacy: Colorism and the Black Man.”, 26 February. 2012. Web. 19 February 2014. Kerr, Audrey Elisa. “The Paper Bag Principle.”, August 2007. Web. 20 February 2014. “On Dark Girls.” Association of Black Psychologists. Abpsi, 23 June 2013. Web. 20 February 2014. “United To End Colorism.” Colorism Healing. Web. 25 February 2014.


2401 words - 10 pages should be solved. History of Black Colorism Colorism in the United States has been an integral part of the Black experience. During slavery, it was considered a privilege to be of fairer skin amongst slaves. Slaveholders held a special preference for “light-complected blacks” that were used for household duties (Bodenhorn 2006). Lighter-skinned slaves were also more likely to be skilled in a trade, which became a salient indicator of future

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1394 words - 6 pages Carter G. Woodson is called “The Father of Black History” because he worked really hard to make sure black history was taught in schools and studied by students. He also began the Journal of Negro History in 1916, along with other publications in the coming years in an effort to make sure black history was not forgotten. He founded Black History Month because he strongly believed that people should be aware of African American history and

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