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Black Holes: Mystery Of Universe Com 217 Purdue Annotated Biblography

2094 words - 9 pages

Annotated Bibliography
Almheiri, A., Marolf, D., Polchinski, J., & Sully,J. (2012) Black Holes: Complementarity or
Firewalls? arXiv:1207.3123 [hep-th]
The event horizon the black hole is a mystery of its own. The author discusses that there
are three statements that cannot be true regarding the event horizon: a) Hawking radiation
is in pure state. b) The information is carried by the hawking radiation from near the
horizon. c) The in falling observer observes nothing unusual near the event horizon. It also
suggests that the observer might burns up at the horizon or the observer is stretched to
such an extent that every atom of the observer is destroyed within seconds after entering
the horizon.
This paper discusses the possibility of information being released through hawking
radiation in outer space and it is in pure state. It can help us to understand the information
paradox much better and how information is stored inside a black hole and how that
information can be transmitted outside even horizon and maybe to another black hole
through a wormhole. It can also help us to understand that what happens once a person
hoes beyond the event horizon.
Giddings, S. (1995). The black hole information paradox. arXiv:hep-th/9508151.
According to Quantum theory of mechanics, information is indestructible and can only be
transferred from one place to another. It might change its shape but it can never be lost.
Black hole is an exception to this theory. They take different things and destroy it. This
creates a paradox which we know as information paradox. With the help of several
conformal transformations and different experiments, the author conclude that there is a
relation between repeatable information loss and energy loss conservation.
The paper discusses the significance of information paradox inside black holes. If the
information is lost inside a black hole as some people believe, it is a clear violation of all the
fundamental laws of physics and we have to rewrite all the laws. If the information is not
lost, but stored at the horizon than it will help us to decode those messages which were
stored in the horizon using Hawking radiation and it can help us to decode the mystery of
the beginning of the universe.
Kuhn, R.L. (2015, December 23) Confronting the Multiverse: What ‘Infinite Universe’ would
mean. Retrieved from
Multiverse is defined as an infinite realm of being or potential being of which the universe
is regarded as part or instance. This term raises an interesting question: Is our universe
unique? Was there only one big bang? According to Stanford Physicist Linde, the “eternal
chaotic inflation” theory gives us an increasing number of universes without end. This is an
interesting perspective because we don’t know that what is outside out universe. The
universe is around 13.92 billion light years in radius which raises and interesting question
about what lies...

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