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Black Males Receive Unfair Treatment: “Discrimination In The School System”

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Although hatred, racism, and discrimination date as far as slavery one might say that it still suppresses African American Men until this day. Many forms of oppression still exist in this newly-made century. It has gotten so bad that the same oppression that has torn society has made its way into the school system. Could this be the major problem in the school system? “ That was said aloud by, Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of education, The new guidance package is replete with data, highlighting, for example, that while African American students make up only 15% of public school systems, they represent 35% of students suspended once, 44% of students suspended twice, and 36% of students ...view middle of the document...

Protestors of such allegations claim that if a black male does not go through disciplinary action that it will not be a good thing, because it conflicts with the school’s disciplinary system. Perhaps, they are missing the big picture. Things of this matter should not conflict with the school’s disciplinary system just as discrimination against a young black male should not conflict with him getting an education. The bigger image that is being created is that it is not being said to not punish a student once he acts out uncontrollably, but to make sure it is an actual offense by the school’s code book, something worth penalizing for.
In addition to the protests of student-rights, a prominent reporter from the Washington Legislative office, Deborah J. Vagin, writes on a vast affair that two student-rights advocates spoke upon. At the event which was held in January with Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder two fascinating points were made surrounding this matter. Arne Duncan says, “Positive discipline policies can help create safer learning environments without relying heavily on suspensions and expulsions. Schools also must understand their civil rights obligations and avoid unfair disciplinary practices, “Attorney Holder expounds by saying, “A routine school disciplinary infraction should land a student in the principal's office, not in a police precinct. This guidance will promote fair and effective disciplinary practices that will make schools safe, supportive and inclusive for all students.” Of course, I agree with the ideas that both men expressed in these statements, simply because I know that discrimination does not have a place in the school system, just as it wouldn’t in a workplace or society. Supporters of student-rights act willfully and vigorously behind the desk, on the protest field, and in local debates when it comes to serving black males their rights in the school system.
As for myself, I am not a male, but I am a black...

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