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Black Mountain Herb Part 3 (Final)

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The sun coming up over the mountain is a benefit that happens every day up here. Seems you never get tired of it.Another strange benefit, money ceases to be real important when you are happy with your work. I am very happy.I guess I was born to raise pot.Don't misunderstand me, I do not mean that in any way other than frank.Downing the last cup of coffee I would allow myself before I went to greet the guests, I put it in the sink and looked at the rain washed morning. Low patches of fog that I knew would be gone in an hour tarried behind the last wings of the early morning shower. Brisk, I was glad for the open door of the mess hall as I hurried in.We tend to eat simple up here. We can actually afford lobster if we want it but we don' want it much. But biscuits and gravy are always to be had. bacon, eggs and beef in various forms are plentiful. That and all the other bad things you can eat. We work it off in the fields.I suppose if you are happy, simple things become enough.My wife and I eat apart. aside from lunch we keep those times private, otherwise living on site would make you crazy.Grinning I sat down next to the intense young man and the mousy girl from yesterday. The small smiles between them told me a lot, and it was a cool thing to watch. Fresh love beginning is always a cool happening. It seems to happen a lot on the mountain, maybe the fresh air and cold nights?An awful lot of the summer help get married up here. Now at first it was biology students and what have you that wanted to learn more. All had grand ideas about furthering the weed, and a lot of them work here now.But they were all fairly young too. To make it clear, we had to build a chapel.A Pastor or priest usually makes the trip up from Sheridan when the need makes itself apparent. A few are content with a Justice of the Peace. Even had Pagan ceremonies a couple of times.This looked like it might be the start of another one of those.Snagging another cup of coffee, spying Jerry heading toward the back patio and a pine bench next to the creek, I joined him with a greeting.Fingers trembling a bit, rolling a joint in the chill air, I watched quiet as he stared silently at a hunting eagle as it patrolled the grounds."You attract some strange folks up here" He turned that large face toward me, you could see the honesty in the mans eyes. This was a man who tried to be true to himself."Yeah, we do. interesting evening?""Interesting conversation!"Chuckling a bit, He dropped onto the bench, heavy cowboy boots folded under the rough hewn log."Very. I expected...I don't know, I expected to get...drunk" He looked about at the opening day, His eyes following some point of interest only he would ever see. "But I didn't hell, the way I felt last night, I should be puking my guts up, I never could drink."My head shaking, some folks still had not listened to what we had been saying. all those years and the incessant arguments. Always speaking our side of it and a lot of people still did not...

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