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Black Nationalism And The Revolution In Music

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The black population has fought hard to get where they are in today’s society in terms of their courage, beliefs and faith to accomplish what they have done in the fields of politics and music. They have been affective in the field of politics by having leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther king Jr., Malcolm x and Nelson Mandela lead them to a civil right society where everyone was treated equally. And they have also been part of the revolution of music in terms of how many categories they have invented and taken over. In the field of politics, their leaders led their community in different ways that at the end; their work paid off. They won each and every battle they had to fight. But the most important battle they had to face was to influence their people to do right things and help them achieve goals in life. They made them believe in themselves in every way, that they could do whatever they were capable of doing.

These leaders have inspired blacks in many ways such as being positive, having faith in what they believed in, being strong, fight for their families and for what was right. For example, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: he inspired blacks because he was one of the fewest civil rights leaders in the history to shape America. The fact that he helped change the terrible situations that the black community and other races were going through, and to win equal treatment of citizens of all races, made him a true hero and role model for his community (the black community). On the other side, we have a man called Malcolm X. Similar King, he was also a leader who fought for justice and equality in America for all the races. Although he fought differently from Martin, X’s legacy influenced blacks and coloured people to believe in their dreams. And then we have a man called Nelson Mandela. He is the hero in the African history who fought hard for his country to be where it is today. He believed that for a community to be successful, everyone had to work together as one. And although, at that time, whites were controlling the country (South Africa), he didn’t stop his mission there. No, he went to the extreme, to see his people prosper. He stayed in prison for 27 years, just to see his nation free and every race equal in his country. And to top it all, he finally ruled his beloved country as the President. And by becoming the President, he achieved what no black people would ever dream of. And that influenced the black nation throughout the world.

The involvement of blacks in revolution of music is huge in terms of how many categories they have taken over. Music has always been one of the many passions of the Black community. As in Africa, black slaves used to sing while working to get a relief about their pains and suffering. It has been their refuge whenever they had problems. They have carried the same habit with them when they moved in Europe and in America. From there, blacks...

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