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Literature Review
The literature review was done to gather the information about leukemia therapy within last five years. The information was extracted via PubMed and James White library by inserting the following key terms: leukemia, treatment of leukemia, leukemia and black seeds, chemotherapy for leukemia, Nigella Sativa, black cumin as anticancer and therapeutic effects of black cumin.
As noted in a review of the retrieved articles, different types of medications were used as treatment for leukemia. Many research studies were conducted in order to find a way to limit the progression of leukemia. Leukemia is a rapid replication of atypical white blood cells (WBCs) that reduces the ...view middle of the document...

, 2010). In other words, intensive chemotherapy cannot be administered to the older population with AML because older patients cannot tolerate the intensive dose of chemotherapy based on their age and medication. (Kantarjian et al., 2010).
Another research investigation was concerned with the effect of chemotherapy on pediatric patients with AML who received antimicrobial prophylaxis using quantitative methods (Van Vliet et al., 2009). Pediatric patients under 36 cycles of chemotherapy were part of this experiment (Van Vliet et al., 2009). Multiple statistical methods were applied to this experiment. Stool samples were collected in order to investigate the outcome of using both medications on the intestinal bacteria that resist the colonization of pathogenic bacteria (Van Vliet et al., 2009). Polymerase chain reaction and situ hybridization were included to analyze the samples (Van Vliet et al. , 2009). The bacterial number in the analyzed fecal sample was lower in pediatric patients than in the healthy population (Van Vliet et al., 2009). Therefore, potentially colonization of pathogenic bacteria will increase in the intestine (Van Vliet et al., 2009). Future study is required to indicate a way to minimize the potential danger of applying two medications to leukemia patients.
Chemotherapy has a probable effect on neurocognitive in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) as stated in the research (Buizer et al., 2009). ALL patients require central nervous system (CNS) treatment because leukemia cells may become trapped in the CNS due to the presence of the pharmacological barrier that is known as blood brain barrier (Buizer et al., 2009). Healthy children or ALL patients were involved in this study as a control group (Buizer et al., 2009). That means both dependent and independent variables were utilized in this experiment.
Meta-analysis was performed as part of the study (Buizer et al., 2009). IQ was involved in the related studies (Buizer et al., 2009).
Many studies used cancer patients, drawing especially from the child population who did not receive CNS treatment as part of cancer therapy (Buizer et al., 2009). CNS chemotherapy led to a decline in the learning process for most of the children (Buizer et al., 2009). Further, this study was done to highlight the risk factors of neurocognitive that results from the chemotherapy on the ALL patients’ performance (Buizer et al., 2009). Younger ALL patients who received chemotherapy had a life long neurocognitive deficit (Buizer et al., 2009). That indicates a relationship between age and outcome of using chemotherapy to treat ALL (Buizer et al., 2009). In conclusion, the intensity of chemotherapy is related to the neurocognitive outcomes in young populations with ALL (Buizer et al., 2009).
Another study focused on infants with leukemia who were presented with challenging symptoms such as a high white blood cells (WBCs) count (Brown, 2013). These infants have a poorer response to...

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