Black Vs White,What Is Beauty? Essay

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Self esteem is the opinion of ones self. Mike Allen, a researcher in interpersonal Communication has define self esteem as "the way individuals view them selves in terms of their overall worth." Such concepts as self-esteem and self-image have gone under a considerable amount of research and have been regarded by some social psychologists as an integral part of the healthy growth of a child. It is very difficult to find, however, an exact definition because volumes have been written about self esteem.So, after cutting through all the scientific words, the question of self-esteem really centers down to something quite simple. How does a person feel about him or herself? If persons feel good about themselves, they have a high self-esteem. If they feel bad about themselves, they have a low self esteem. Having a low self-esteem can be detrimental to the way one spends one's life. It often interferes with everyday situations, creating not only confusion but also a discouraging sense of hopelessness. Robert Brooks, a professor of history stated that "[p]eople with low self-esteems often try to appear confident and careless. However, they frequently do things or say things that make them feel stupid, and somehow, not good enough to fit in with the rest of society" ( suffer from the sickness of low self esteem. Its symptoms are that it eats away at their self-worth and replaces positive thoughts about them selves with horrible images. Very common cases of low self esteem live in the lives of black women, from disliking their own skin color and the texture of their hair.Firstly, skin color, awareness of one's racial identity, and a strong self esteem play an important role in developing a healthy self-consciousness. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, once said, "[t]hat all people should be judged by the content of their character rather then the color of their skin" ( However, People are still judged, at least in part, by the color of their skin. There has been much historical research done by social scientists such as Julia Cooper, who had discovered that in the past and even into today's society black women with light skin complexions are more likely to have a higher social, educational and economic status than their darker-skinned counterparts.Incidentally, skin tone has historically played a part in determining the social status of people of color. Colorism, as defined by Dr. Matthew Harrison, "is a form of discrimination in which human beings are accorded differing social treatment based on skin color". A noted historian, Terry Burrows, in his book, Visual History of the Modern World told of the occurrence of sexual union between whites and blacks during the American colonial period (346). As the number of children from these relationships grew, the colonies were faced with deciding whether these children were black and therefore slaves or whites and therefore free. In the Bahamas, color preferences...

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