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Black Women To The Men In Tewwg

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The three women in Their Eyes Were Watching God, Daisy, Mrs. Bogle, and Mrs. Robbins, are depicted as caricatures of black women who were disrespected in Eatonville, Florida. The main character Janie, has difficulty understanding the ways the men judged the women. Daisy was described as being a young, beautiful dark-skinned woman. Mrs. Bogle, on the other hand, was an elderly grandmother. Finally, Mrs. Robbins,seemed to be a flirtatious, married, spoiled woman. All three women were viewed differently by Janie when it came to the men, and how the men disrespected the women.
Daisy Blunt is described as a young, beautiful, dark-skinned women who was always nicely dressed. When Daisy walked by the store, the men started to compliment her and said what they would do for her. For example, one of the men, Jim claims he’ll buy Daisy a steamship and hire some men to run it for her.(pg. 69). From Janie’s perspective, Daisy is uncomfortable with all the attention ...view middle of the document...

Mrs. Bogle was elderly, and it was disrespectful for the men to behave in such a way around elderly people.
Finally, Mrs. Tony Robbins is described as a married, spoiled, and flirtatious. Even though Mrs. Robbins is married, and her husband spends a lot of money on her, and she still flirts around with Joe in order to get salted pork for her children(pg.73-74). Mrs. Robbins complains about the pork is not enough for her family, but eventually she buys the pork. After Mrs. Robbins left the store, the men talked about how much money her husband spends on her. The men talked about how loose/flirty Mrs. Robbins was and needed to be beaten in order to set her straight. Janie enters the conversation by replying to the men that they’ll be surprised when they discover that they don’t know half as much about women as they think they do. Janie is quickly silenced by Joe because she was getting too mouthy(pg.75).
In conclusion, Janie saw Daisy, Mrs. Bogle, and Mrs. Robbins all had different effects on the men. Daisy was seen as timid and wasn’t able to say anything against what the men were doing or saying. The men used Daisy’s silence as an opportunity to ridicule or make fun of Daisy. Mrs. Boyle had a tender loving personality, and wanted to be noticed. The men did not make any comments about Mrs. Boyle, maybe possibly the men saw her as simply an old lady with grand children. Mrs. Robbins is seen as spoiled and flirty. The men did not think it was right for a married woman to behave as Mrs. Robbins did. The men believed Mrs. Robbins’ husband should beat her for not behaving like a married woman. The men disrespected the women by preying on women they deemed to be defenseless. The called the women offensive names, promoted violence against women, and silenced women when they try to voice their opinion. I believe the men were being disrespectful toward women because during this time period, the men had control over the women, and could do what they wanted to women without any backlash from women. I am glad Janie started to speak up for herself later in chapters 7 and 8. She encouraged the women of Eatonville by telling the women they should not be afraid to voice their opinion or simply saying what’s on their mind. Janie also encouraged the women to demand the respect they deserve.

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