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Blackbeard's Life, The Golden Age Of Piracy, And Its Effect On Piracy Today

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Blackbeard’s Life
Blackbeard was a brave and most outspoken sea rovers who operated during early 1700s in the coastal regions of the English Southern parts of the New world. His piracy activities, together with his co-pirates are key sectors in United States of America’s history. Happening in the time eminently known as the golden age of piracy, their brave advances in sea robbery facilitated the gradual demise of sea hijacking and theft on the deep seas.1
There is no sufficient information to provide a reliable picture about the life of Blackbeard except three years to his death. His activities at this short time were quick cutting across the world making him be clearly known and probably be recalled always. Apart from being recorded in many books of history, his name is found in the archives of Great Britain. The early accounts of the leadership of then Southern and Northern Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania also documented about Blackbeard. Preceding 1976, not much information is known about him, contrasting his overdramatic death which well known. Probably, it is due to his sea robbery activities which made him to live a more secretive life. 1
1Parry, Dan. 2006. Blackbeard: the real pirate of the Caribbean. London: National Maritime Museum.
Like most pirates, Blackbeard’s surname was not certainly known. It was the practice of sea rovers to adopt unnatural and untrue surnames. In his time of piracy, he was known as Edward Teach or Blackbeard. However, the last name had different spellings including Thack, Thache, Theach, Thatch and Thach. Immediately after his death, there were claims that, his surname in Bristol was Drummond. However, there was no proof to this assertion. Most of his life was surrounded with uncertainties, assertions, rumors, claims and cruel practices. Nobody clearly knew about Blackbeard. 2
Perhaps, Edward Teach was from a family with a brilliant background, respected and did well in life. This is one of the explanations behind his adoption of a fictitious surname. He never wanted to tarnish the name of his family. Undoubtedly, he was an educated person because he could read and write. He matched with other merchants of his time. When he died he possessed a letter addressed to him from the Chief Justice and Secretary of Northern Carolina. He was habituated to moving in powerful circles and to the easy presumption of governance.2
Ironically, Blackbeard decided to follow the seawaters of Southern England, despite the fact that he was born in an economically stable city, Bristol. Its strategic location and trade enhanced its economic growth with foreign nations. Bristol was the second greatest England city, when Blackbeard was there.

2Lewis, J. Patrick, and John McDonough. 2008. Blackbeard the pirate king several yarns detailing the legends, myths, and real-life adventures of history's most notorious seaman. Prince Frederick, MD: Recorded Books.
The activities of Edward Teach were chiefly influenced by the maritime...

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