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Blackberries Essay

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In the poem "Blackberry Picking," the speaker uses the experience of picking blackberries to show how naïve and greedy children and all people can be; by using powerful imagery, an abundance of alliteration, and rhyme.In the first stanza, the speaker uses intense imagery: "glossy," "clot," "knot," "flesh," and "thickened wine"(ll. 3,4,5,6); to draw the reader in initially, and show that this poem will prove to be one full of detail and meaning. He then shows that the poem is about a child's experience by listing objects that a child would use to gather blackberries: "milk cans," "pea tins," and "jam pots"(l. 9); using an allusion to a fairy tale, "palms sticky as Bluebeard's"(l. 16); and using language that a child would use to refer to the image of the blackberries, "Like a plate of eyes"(l. 15). These lines that show that the poem is about a child's experience will set up for a deeper and more complicated meaning later in the poem. The speaker goes into great detail in describing the manner in which the children greedily gather all of the blackberries they can find, even picking the ones that are not yet ripe. Alliteration is used in abundance in the first stanza: "milk cans, pea tins, jam pots," "bleached "¦ boots," and "big dark blobs burned"(ll. 9,10,14). This alliteration causes the reader to slow down and savor the poem, as the speaker savors the taste of the blackberries. The speaker states that their "hands were peppered/ With thorn pricks"(l. 16), demonstrating how much pain they went through to get the desired...

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1364 words - 5 pages things - anything is possible!Blackberry Picking by Seamus Heaney could be compared to Thistles. It, again, shows a life cycle in the way each year he was sent out to pick blackberries in the field but the same thing happened once they were picked - they rotted and did not last. Heaney describes how, as a boy, he would be sent out to pick blackberries, the "flesh was sweet" taste of the berries initially were delicious. They used "milk-cans, pea

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