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Blade Runner

"Mise en scene, in discussions of film, refers to the composition of
the individual film, the relation of objects, people and masses; the
interplay of light and dark; the pattern of colour; the camera's
position and angle of view, as well as the movement within the frame".
The complete film dictionary.

The Ridley Scott film Blade Runner, begins with opening credits, these
are plain, bold, white text on a black background. This along with
quiet music and sudden beats of drums creates a very tense atmosphere
and helps with suspense; there is a very military feel to this opening
sequence. We are then given an update of events, this tells us the
film is set in the future and that it is a time when technology has
enabled cyborg human clones, colonisation on planets in outer space
and a world dominated by Large Corporations, this tells us that the
genre of this film is sci-fi.

The opening sequence shows a vast futuristic urban backdrop, which
includes massive towering buildings, fire and space ships. This is the
first usage of Mise-en-scene, the key factor here being setting, as
with films such as The Fifth Element, the setting of Blade Runner is
not an actual place but a created world set in the future, this helps
us identify with a world where laws and rules may be different to our
own as well as the people in it, and shows a general aspect of sci-fi

The lighting is another prominent feature of Mise-en-scene used here,
colours such as orange, red and black are very dominant, these along
with what looks like smoke or steam help with the atmosphere and are a
commonly found in sci-fi films. There is no sign of nature, no greens
of trees or blue in the sky, this is perhaps to show that it is set in

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