Blade Runner The Director's Cut... Is The Setting Of Blade Runner Credible? Are There Any Elements Of Society Today Evident Of The Futuristic Setting Of 2019?

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Blade Runner - The Director's Cut opens by welcoming us into the possible future of earth. Set in the theoretical era of 2019, the film shocks viewers with its representation of humanities decaying social and technological structure. To me, the film is an entirely unconvincing portrayal of the future, which is partly influenced by viewing it in today's context, and partly influenced by the genre of science fiction movies in general: that is sci-fi films generally depict an unrealistic setting.Produced in 1982, it has the setting of a futuristic Sci-Fi film, in which the visual aspect of the film plays a large role in the development of thematic issues. For example, the question of what it means to be human is conveyed by the fact that visual memory obtained by the replicants generates an emotional response. The transformation of Rachael's costume throughout the film is another visual example of the humanization of the replicants.It is not at all a credible setting for an era just 15 years from now. However the setting does play a major role in adding to the mood, motifs and themes contributing to the overall meaning of the film, and also allows for a strong development of the plot, with its many strange places and characters.The opening shot pans across the un-recognizable city scape of Las Vegas - mushroom clouds of fire and smoke rise above the colossal buildings as a solemn darkness, brought on by dark clouds, torrential rain and eerie sound effects gives a rather unpleasant, hell-like scene to the film. It is obvious that human existence is present, yet the city of seems to be full of misfits from all over the universe and country.The poverty, pollution and crime existing on the streets of Las Vegas have driven those who can afford it to Off - World locations, leaving only the lowest of the existing society to be presented throughout the story. This is expressed by chief Briant where he says to Deckard - "If you're not a cop you're with the little people," implying...

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721 words - 3 pages this time, the camera does a close up shot of Roy, focusing on his facial features and expressions to show the audience (SOMETHING). Mise en scène is also the smoke and the smog that`s almost in every scene. Using editing, cinematography and mise-en-scène, the director is able to portray elements of identity throughout the movie. Zhora’s death raises themes of individuality. She is running away from the blade runner, Deckard, to avoid death and

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572 words - 2 pages comparison of the two characters of the film ?Blade Runner? is enough to understand and have a general opinion about the issue.Firstly, in term of physical features, there are many similarities between Deckard and Roy. Deckard is a normal human being, but he is very strong as an ancient policeman. However Roy is a little stronger than him, because he is a replicant who has a capability to realize some works that a human cannot realize his natural

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5022 words - 20 pages forest), and the finalé of an escape into nature is removed. In the context of Blade Runner's dystopia such an ending is incredible; for science fiction to succeed there needs to be plausibility within speculation. Since the Director's Cut, Blade Runner seems to have had a phoenix-like resurgence. Just as the simulated humans, or replicants, become more than the sum of their parts as they develop "humanity", so the film has become more than the

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610 words - 2 pages with the incident involved with the Voigt-Kampff Test used to expose replicants in the film Blade Runner (BR). This comparison helps to confirm the value of a comparative study of texts as we can gain a sense of meaning from it.The BNW is totally diverse from the savage reservation that John was brought up in. Thus, John's moral beliefs are totally dissimilar to that of the people in London. We can see this especially with the relationship that

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581 words - 2 pages Blade Runner is a 1980's science fiction movie that is directed by Ridley Scott, and that stars numerous well known actors, such as Harrison Ford, Sean Young, and Daryl Hannah. Although, if you are expecting a Star Wars or 2001 a Space Odyssey type movie, be prepared for disappointment. The movie is based on the story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick.Unlike most other futuristic movies Blade Runner has a dark and

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