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Being Human The novel Blade Runner, by Philip Dick, is based on the adventures of a bounty hunter in the 21st century. Rick Deckard, the bounty hunter, is assigned to hunt and destroy androids, "robots created to work like slaves without protesting"(O'Meara 2). Unfortunately, these replicants evolve to look and act extremely similar to humans who create difficulties in distinguishing the difference between a human and a cyborg. "Technology can harm humanity, with the "human" technology's spontaneous tendency to reach a more steady state" (O'Meara). The moral in the story Blade Runner is learning to acknowledge your existence in the world. How do we know we all exist and live? Philip Dick causes us to contemplate on this issue, how exactly do we know we are "alive" and not androids. There is no truth in this world. Life is a play and everyone plays a part. "What foundations do we construct our realities and truths? We are what we make of the world through what we see in our eyes" (Saini 1). In other words, we believe what we see because we see it. "Blade Runner also predicts the likely of our future" (Timberman 3). Blade Runner offers a futuristic look of how Earth will be infested with drugs, sex, and violence. After every assignment, will Rick Deckard have empathy on androids and lose his touch in "retiring" them. In the novel, Rick Deckard differentiated an android with a human through an empathy test, also known as the Voight Kampff Test. The inspection analyzed the subject's empathy level when asked a series of questions that are carried out by Rick Deckard. If the subject receives a high reading on his needles, then it proves that he/she is human. Luckily, for Rick Deckard the Voight Kampff Test is still effective for the time being. Because the test would be ineffective after "humans have the ability to create technology that is capable of learning and reasoning" (O'Meara). "Robots can learn to understand the uniqueness of life, then use this knowledge to learn more, and lastly believe that they have reached the state of equilibrium called "humanity" (O'Meara 3). 'The rapid growth of technology has made it difficult to distinguish between what is reality and fabricated." (Saini 1) Later on in the future, how would we know what is human and what is machine. How does Rick Deckard have the heart to kill androids that are so identical to humans? Rick Deckard begins losing his touch; he begins to feel empathy for his victims. But he later on realizes that these androids are dangerous, and if he doesn't destroy them, they will destroy him. It's very possible that Philip Dick's futuristic world is evolving towards us in the near future. Advancement in technology will create "possibilities of robots acting as servants to humans." (Lui 2) "This world of advance technology is coming fast, and the world has taken a turn of the worse." (Saini 2). "Blade runner predicts the likely of our future" (Timberman 3). Drugs, violence and...

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