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Bladerunner The Directors Cut "Style But No Content." How Accurate Is This View Of Bladerunner : The Director's Cut

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Having acquired great recognition in Hollywood's science fiction genre, with the number one smash hit "Alien." Ridley Scott, the man behind the number one hit had been given a new assignment to complete, this one to be titled "Bladerunner." The job was handed to Ridley Scott in order to achieve a vision appropriate for the latest Science fiction sensation "Bladerunner." After achieving Oscar nominations for his hit "Alien," director Ridley Scott, had now another task ahead of him within the science fiction field of Hollywood. Some may say that this piece of work by Ridley Scott has 'style but no content.' After having checked the film out for myself, I disagree with this statement as I ...view middle of the document...

The directors cut was put together the way Ridley Scott had wanted it to be, no voice-overs and the happy ending gone. These different scenes really changed the whole viewing of "Bladerunner." I viewed a copy of the original cut, I found the ending was a little predictable and the voice-overs didn't do much for the movie. However the content was not affected as Rick Deckard is still a Bladerunner, and he still has to dispose of the replicants.1982, there were some shocking movies about with shocking actors. "Bladerunner," is an action packed, exciting, mysterious journey through future led by an all star cast and crew. It is a very stylish film as the technology used in the original was the best available for that time. Ridley Scott portrays a sad and depressing life in this futuristic setting of LA, this only contributes to the content of this movie as a tougher species has been produced called replicant's. As mentioned earlier, replicant's are cloned humans with no real memories and have been produced artificially from head to toe. They are a much stronger race, however they have no feelings, emotions or...

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