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The Job Of A Lawyer Essay

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Surprisingly, being a lawyer is not usually known as an extremely trouble-free job. lawyers have to learn to be very quick thinking and light on their feet. Lawyers have to stand by their client as long as the case goes on. Lawyers may hate everything that this person has done; nonetheless, the lawyer will do everything in her/his ability to keep that person out of jail. Brought on by quarreling, there will always be a need for lawyers; there will always be conflict as long as there are opinions. Lawyers are almost always fighting an uphill battle; they have new competition for not only their cases but for their jobs to. Sadly, no job is secure because being a lawyer will always be a challenge considering that there will always be someone smarter and younger that will want the job.
Along with the dangers of losing the job at any given moment there are some difficulties. Lawyers that went to smaller schools usually end up at the bottom. Only lawyers that come out of the Ivy League, some of the best colleges, make $160,000 (“What” para. 7). The average wage is roughly about $139, 110 a year (“What” para. 5). The hourly wage for being a lawyer is about $61.81, but different lawyers can charge different amounts of money (“Lawyer” para. 30). The top 10% of lawyers in May of 2012 made about $187,200 (“Lawyers” para. 4). Lawyers usually work full time with slow hours (“Lawyers” para. 2). To be a lawyer, you must be able to work unusual hours, overnight, and overtime (“Lawyer” para. 15). To be a successful lawyer and not start with the “grunt’s work,” students must get into the higher level schools
Once High School is finished, the student will soon realize that they have only made it halfway through. After high school there are at least a dozen of things to do like pre-law or law studies, if you want to become a lawyer (“Lawyer” para. 23). To be admitted into a law school the student will take the (LSAT) which is a written test to join the school (“Lawyers” para. 27). To graduate the law school, the student must graduate out of a law school that is sponsored by (ABA) (“Lawyer” para. 23). Being a lawyer doesn’t require math and/or science skills as much as listening and writing (Lawyer” para. 17). It normally takes about 7 years of college after high school (“Lawyers” para. 33). Students almost always take about 4 years of undergraduate studies (“Lawyers” para. 33). Lawyers at least take 3 years of law school to finish off their schooling (“Lawyers” para. 34). After the student has gotten their law degree, they must take the state’s written bar examination of the state they want to practice in (“Lawyers” para. 3). During law school there are practice sessions being watched by professionals to eye up their competition (“Lawyers” para. 44). Lawyers must be licensed to practice this profession (“Lawyers” para. 38). Lawyers can also move up to be judges or become a post-secondary teacher (“Lawyers” para. 43). People that get stuck with the “grunt...

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