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Bl Ak Essay

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There is a difference between a warrior and a leader. In 1991, after 30 years of a savage and interminable war, a new country named Eritrea emerged in Africa. During these 30 years of misery, the fighters and revolutionaries of annexed Ethiopia dreamed of a new country. They dreamed of a democracy, without the fear of subjugation. A young man named Isaias Afwerki believed in this cause and withdrew from university to join his people. He garnered attention and eventually became the leader of the revolution. By 1991, after years of brutal war, Eritrea became a nation. Afwerki, however, was in the revolution business, not the governing business. He could fight for the idea of freedom but not actually implement it. Afwerki became a dictator, all freedom was lost and the nation became one of the most unjust in the world. The dream perpetrated by the revolution was shattered. Afwerki’s countrymen learned that the qualities of a successful revolutionary don’t always correspond to those of a successful leader. In the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey and the film Girl, Interrupted directed by James Mangold, the themes of revolution, power and leadership in an dictatorial world are explored. The characters McMurphy from the book and Lisa from the film both occupy the role of the liberator among the oppressed. The difference between the two, however, lies in their motives, rise to power and effect on their followers. McMurphy is called to lead because of his natural charisma, whereas Lisa lusts to lead, using cunning to achieve her goal. This makes McMurphy a more just revolutionary, though he is no more competent as a leader.
Despite differences in their motivations, both Lisa and McMurphy refuse to conform to their oppressive and restricting worlds; in that way, they are both revolutionaries. McMurphy is a man of passion, not of reason. He is fueled and controlled by his most primitive impulses, something entirely missing from the muted personalities of the hospital. From the moment McMurphy walks through the monochrome hallways, his revolution of nature, not belief, begins. As evidenced by McMurphy’s early encounter with Nurse Ratched, he simply isn’t afraid of authority. “Just as she’s rolling along at her biggest and meanest, McMurphy steps out of the latrine door right in front of her holding the towel around his hips-stops her dead”(1.8). This simple and seemingly insignificant act of rebellion establishes his intrepid ways. What makes McMurphy a threat to Ratched, however, is his resilience. In a combination of stupidity and strength, McMurphy never lets go of his minor, but troublesome, behaviors. McMurphy’s ability to not give a single inch to the menacing combine of the hospital is arguably more inspiring than his larger scale demonstrations. An act of of radical rebellion is frightening and unreplicable for the molded patients, but small acts of insubordination demonstrate realistic and safe ways for them to act out. Just like...

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