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"Blame Game" As Seen By The Black Intellect.

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Race has always been a main issue within the country of the United States. We happen to be one the major Countries that seems to have a "boiling pot" of different cultures. Being so there happens to be this undertone of dislike and hatred that plagues such a multi-cultural society. In the past many felt that America should be a predominately white society, there are still many people that hold on to this frame of mind. In addition to inter-cultural prejudice with in someone's own race, there are those in this mind state that critique their lineage. Criticism is defined as "One given to harsh or captious judgment; to find fault with or point out the faults-critical observation or remarks that are unfair". As a society we tend to do this all the time; judging someone or a race by what they wear, how they conduct themselves, and basing our ideas of the group or individual based on their history.Though this maybe true in any situation, there are those that judge their own people. Feeling that what we have done and how we portray ourselves is wrong and sometimes well deserved. People such as this tend to call themselves "The Higher Intellect"-they fell they are panicle of there people and can improve the persona of their own race through ascension of knowledge. One example is W.E.B. Du Bios who happens to a famous Black Intellect felt Black society should, "Receive a College education and be able to create economic wealth through and by themselves"-no help from the white society. One idea that most Black intellects view as being their objective is, that the 10% of black society that are "Intellects" are responsible for helping the rest of their race "move up" socially. Are the ones that happen to be in more privileged circumstance, justified in criticizing their own.One prime example of a current Black Intellect is Bill Cosby, famously known from his hit series "The Cosby Show". A show he created portrayed himself a prime example of a "father figure" during the 1980's; being a doctor, maintaining a well household, and being able to help all his kids with life difficulties (4 girls and 1 son). He gave a lot of African American families an ideal/some form of idealism they could relate to. Though many criticized "his family" as being to idealistic, most Black families around that time were perceived as either being on welfare, having drug addicted family members, or lack of father figures. Though some had varied opinions, he still was an influential on showing the positive side of the African American family. The idea of Social Higharcy-"Place them in the lower class category, because of lower political and social influence". Cosby has fallen in between looking out for his race and judging them in the same sense as well. Cosby urged blacks to take personal responsibility for their lives, and he hinted that social welfare programs...

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