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Blame The Gun, Not The Nfl

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The National Football League is long to be blamed for not only for the deaths of several players but as well the medical conditions sustained after many years of being on the game. In the past years several players have taken their lives due to their career in the NFL. In most cases it was because of blows to the head that had most players diagnosed with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) and caused them to take their own lives. Families and friends want to blame the NFL yet evidence shows that the NFL is not the one pulling the trigger.
When NFL linebacker Junior Seau retired in 2010, he seemed set for life, yet two years later, he was dead. Eight months after Seau’s death, the scientists who looked further into the cause of his death declared that they had found evidence of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a nerve disease linked to concussions, which has been a reason in the deaths of many NFL players. Despite this fact, during Seau’s retirement he withdrew from his family and friends, made bad business decisions, gambled large with large amounts, as well abused pills and alcohol. As NFL player Warren Moon stated, “One thing I read that was peculiar to me—he had never been diagnosed with a concussion. That tells me he wasn't reporting what was wrong with him. For a guy that played linebacker for twenty years, somewhere in there he would've had a concussion.” Seau’s family and the media are wanting to blame the NFL for Seau’s death yet how you can blame a game for Seau’s actions? The NFL is not to blame for him not reporting his game injuries and keeping them a secret. They NFL did not make him drink, gamble, pop pills nor make terrible decisions that untimely led to his death.
Yet another situation in which NFL is the blame was when Jovan Belcher committed suicide. He was the sixth NFL player reported to commit suicide in the last two years. Belcher was using pain killers and alcohol to deal with his head injuries. If the reports are correct and Belcher was dealing with serious head trauma while the Chiefs insist he had no injuries, then the Chiefs' culpability in this case goes out the window. This would imply that they were either negligent in their diagnosis, or that they simply ignored the warning signs. Either way, it would be overwhelming for the team and the league. By Belcher reporting his concussions and his coaches denying it would make it suitable to blame the NFL right?
After Belchers death, police have investigated and found that Belcher had another woman on the side. Police also found texts that stated he would shoot his girlfriend (Kasandra Perkins) if she did not leave him alone. Autopsy reports say that Belchers BAC was twice the limit at the time of death. Meaning that he was intoxicated when he shot his girlfriend nine times then committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager. This does not seem to be the work of the NFL if you ask me, more along the lines of rage or aggression.
Ray Easterling was another...

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