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India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Not only is India’s population growing but its economy and technology is evolving as well. As with any growing country, its demand for energy also increases. India obtains most of its energy through burning fossil fuels. According to S.C. Bhattacharya and Chinmoy Jana, authors of the article, Renewable energy in India: Historical developments and prospects, in 2004 - 2005 India obtained its energy as follows; 55% coal, 29.9% oil, 8.5% natural gas, 5.6% hydroelectric, 1% nuclear, and less than 1% through wind power. Also because of its high dependency on coal, India imported 72% of its oil consumption. The breakdown of how India ...view middle of the document...

Although India’s lack of using the technology available, one of the main problems to why wind energy cannot efficiently penetrate the grid is because of the feeble grid construction.
Although investments have been made to try and remedy the grid in India, the grid is unreliable and unstable. According to Santosh M. Harish, Granger M. Morgan, and Eswaran Subrahmanian authors of the article titled, When does unreliable grid supply become unacceptable policy? Costs of power supply and outages in rural India,
“Despite frequent blackouts and brownouts, extension of the central grid remains the Indian government's preferred strategy for the country's rural electrification policy.” The government continues to expand the grid to try and reach rural areas although then know the grid is unreliable and unstable. The authors of the article do not agree with the government’s plan of expanding the grid but instead explain ideas about stand alone renewable energy plants such as biomass or solar thermal to produce energy for villages in rural areas. Although the excess energy provided by the renewable energy source will not be able to be placed on the grid, the authors suggest using battery banks to store energy because the grid would not be able to efficiently handle the excess energy produced the renewable energy source in the first place. There are two types of grid extensions proposed by the government, one with local Diesel Generator (DG) Plants and one without. The extensions with DG Plants being more reliable will still rely on fossil fuels to power the generator and the excess energy not be put back on the grid as well. Expanding the grid requires an investment that is not fully covered by the government. About 10% of the cost of the expansion is left for the state to pay and in some cases the consumer has to pay for the expansion. Due to the lack of stability, quality, reliability, and because of government jurisdiction of the grid; Many investors are not willing invest in renewable energy technology in India.
Another downfall in the renewable energy technology in India is its energy policy. It begins with the government’s jurisdiction. Given the fact that the price of electricity is not market based, the price for electricity is distorted making it difficult for people to afford it...

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