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Blast From The Past Essay

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The sun shinned brightly as the cold Texas wind blew rapidly while I walked on the bumpy cemented road of Fort Worth Stockyard’s. The time was thirty minutes after eleven o clock. The streets of the Stockyards were noticeably empty. A few people were paying for hour parking tickets to ensure their cars would not get towed. Some workers at a local coffee spot in the Stockyards were cleaning off tables on the patio. At that moment the Stockyards looked boring, uninteresting and dead. The next thirty minutes past by slowly as visitors and regulars started to trickle in. The streets quickly filled soon after 12p.m. with cowboys and cowgirls of all ages riding on their horses. A man wearing a ...view middle of the document...

From afar I could not distinctly say what the building was for. The sounds of children and adults laughing and chatting away made me think the building was for entertainment purposes. Just like most of the buildings in the Stockyards were for the entertainment. I walked closely towards the building; one foot in front of the other. Once I reached the building I stop. Next to the building that caught my attention was another building that resembled a small barn. A medium size sign had the words Cow Town Cattle Pen Maze written largely on the top of the barn. The dark brown wooden barn had one large class window door. On the far back inside wall of the barn were the listed prices of admission to participate in the maze. To my surprise it was a maze! I was intrigued by the idea of a life size maze. The only maze that I have seen before were on television or in video games like Pac Man.
I walked up to glass window and was greeted by a jolly old man. A shelf hung slightly below the window. Sitting on the shelf were five to seven bowls. Marbles, balls, bracelets and toy worms were just some of the few items that were placed in the bowls. A pencils cup holder, a whole puncher and some cards on manila paper had the words MAZE on them were also placed on the shelf. “Hi there! Welcome to Cow Town Cattle Pen Maze. Is this your first time at the maze?” said the old man with a smile on his face. “Yes”, I said. He must have known that I have never been there before because of the blissful expression on my face. “Well there darling this is the Cow Town Cattle Pen Maze. There is roughly over 5,400 square feet of wooden pathways. The pathways are to resemble the cattle pen of the old west. Admissions for adults are five dollars and you will get this little card here”. He then pointed to the manila card with the word maze on it. “For every letter that you find there will be a whole puncher near it. Punch the whole of the letter you found in the maze on the manila card”, said the old man. I then pulled out five dollars from my purse and handed it to the old name who name is Bill. He then handed me the manila card and I proceeded my way to the entrance of the maze. “Oh and by the way there is an observation decks that you can see the layout of the maze before you actual start”, he said. “Ok. Thank you very much”, I said as I walk towards the observation deck.
I walked slowly up a dozen or so tan wooden steps. Once I reached the final step of the observation deck I could see the whole maze. People who had already entered the maze were scattering around looking for the letters. From the observation deck I could see all four letters clearly. Right then I knew that once I got down from the observation deck I would be like everyone else in the maze lost and confused. The maze reminded me of Pac Man, but in this situation I would be Pac Man along with everyone else in the maze minus the ghost. I took a good last look from the deck before I decided to enter the maze. ...

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