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Blast Nuclear Weapons Essay

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We are putting our planet at risk. For one to understand nuclear weaponry, one must first apprehend what it really is. A nuclear weapon is an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions. A true form of mass destruction and a complete abomination in any circumstance, nuclear weapons have the power to destroy the very air we breathe; the ability to truly decimate our existence as we know it. The question must be asked, why do we still have them? To avoid such chaos, we must rid of these hazardous, unwanted bombs before it is too late.

Terrorists. There are various reasons why we should remove these bombs and the most obvious reason is simple. The more nuclear ...view middle of the document...

Take the Norwegian rocket incident in 1995 for example. Russian President Boris Yeltsin was informed that a nuclear missile from America was heading towards the centre of Russia. Russian nuclear forces, ready to fire back, were prepared to launch at his command. Millions of Russians, fearing for their lives and their country, knowing they would be vanished within minutes. The Russian policy ‘launch on warning’ was wisely ignored by Yeltsin as he waited. And within those fateful moments, the Russians were able to declare a false alarm; an unthinkable nuclear disaster had barely been avoided. Nuclear weapons almost destroyed us all at cost of a mistake so, why do we have them?

In addition to what is already a highly dangerous chemical weapon, the amount we spend on nuclear weaponry ultimately breaks the boundary limits of what is acceptable. It is estimated that the U.S. alone will spend between $620 billion and $661 billion on nuclear weapons over the next decade. These figures are totally unfeasible; no wonder America are in a financial crisis! That kind of money could be invested in developing third world countries across the globe. Britain plans to spend $97 billion on a nuclear weapons project. Again, this invaluable kind of money could go towards building a stronger economy and could also develop the society we live in. It could go towards essential necessities such as healthcare, education, housing, transport and many other forms of infrastructure. With this in mind, ask yourself, why do we have them?

According to scientists, nuclear weapons are the biggest threat to Earth’s environment. If a nuclear bomb was to be dropped on to the surface of the planet, the effects would be unprecedented. Tens of millions of people would die and that goes without the radiation poisoning. Most of the world would be unable to grow crops up to 5 years after impact which would inevitably lead to starvation. The smoke produced by these bombs is also a major issue. The power of a nuclear blast would produce 5 millions tonnes of black smoke into the atmosphere which would surround the world and block out the sun. Earth would become inhabitable. Professor Alan Robock leader of a study involving these weapons stated: “Nuclear weapons are the greatest environmental danger to the planet from humans, not global warming or ozone depletion.” So, if nuclear weapons are...

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