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Cel was a Lycanus, which meant he had a body that was structured like a wolf and wings of an eagle. His owner Negratos was the god of evil, and as the name implies he treated Cel horridly he never fed or took care of Cel. One day Cel had enough and left his home that he had grew up in ever since Negratos had picked him from his litter years before. Cel was weak and starving you could see each individual bone poking out of sagging skin that appeared draped over his body, he was a walking skeleton his one beautiful stark black shining coat was now a dull gray his once vibrant green eyes where now a sad muddy brown and his one angel like wings now resembled those of a bats. Each step he took ...view middle of the document...

Fauna told Cel to sit out side of the small butcher shop while she got meat down from the shelf when the meat fell Cell picked it up and ate it hungrily.
“now come with me to the shop on the corner and I shall get you another piece to satisfy your hunger” Fauna said and started walking down the dirt path Cel following happily, able to walk a little stronger no longer wobbling, as the food settled in his stomach. Once Cel ate the meat Fauna asked “Brother have you had enough? are you satisfied?”
“yes, thank you dearly sister” he replied looking up at her crystal blue eyes his tone full of gratitude
“we shall now take a walk out side of the village yes?” asked Fauna. Cel nodded his head and they began walking out of the small village.

Years later, Cel looked like new agin he had strong features, clear emerald green eyes, his wings were strong and now resembled those of a hawk, At dawn Fauna approached Cel, Cel bowed his head he owed his life to his dear sister.
Dalba 3
“fetch something for me to eat or I shall kill you.” she said in a drawl tone of voice. Cel was completely taken aback but ready to do as she said seeing as she had stolen for him those many years ago. “ Theres an island about a mile from here it has ever living sheep and two new young lambs, steal one for us” Cel nodded his head and went to the island and stole a lamb swiftly and quietly he left and gave the young lamb to Fauna she nodded her head and ate it all in a matter of minutes but she wanted more she climbed over the fence noisily and made such a ruckus that the mother sheep heard and bleated and bleated until the famers came out to see what all the noise was about when they spotted Fauna they beat Fauna until her white fur was stained red and her bones crushed was crushed. She went to Cel limping and howling in pain “I wanted to get the second lamb” she started “and the farmer beat me to a pulp”
“why must you be so selfish sister?” Cel said slowly and sadly wishing the sister that helped him years ago would be back but she was...

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