Blazing A Trail In International Speech Education

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Blazing a Trail in International Speech Education
Gladys Borchers successfully added to the conversation on quality of education in high school and college classroom, but she did not stop there with the articles that she put into The Speech Teacher during her time as editor. Borchers introduced two new concepts to the journal, international speech education and influential individuals in the field of speech communication education.
Borchers tied in at least one article per issue of the journal to international speech education. As there are a multitude of examples, these are just a sampling of the types of articles published. In the article, “Speech Education in Scandinavia,” author Mildred E. Berry (1961) was able to detail the state of speech communication education in Scandinavia. Berry (1961) explores the ways by which speech communication is addressed in the classroom in Scandinavia and how best to instruct students on the topic. The second article, “Speech Education in Mexico,” written by Virgil G. Logan (1962) takes a similar approach to exploring speech communication in Mexico, or there lack of a class that focuses on this idea. The addition of this article contributes to the idea of the need of speech communication education. The third article written by Christian Winkler (1961) titled, “Basic Forms of Conversation: A Chapter of The German Art of Speaking” takes on the challenges of examining the structure of the German language and applies it to conversation. This adds to the dimension of the exploration that the journal does to international speech and its application to the field of education. The final article written by Ronald E. Mitchell is titled, “A German Educational Theatre Enterprise.” Mitchell takes on the challenge of providing an educational background to theatre in Germany. Mitchell examines not only the element of theatre, but also includes information on the audience.
The combination of these four articles speaks to Gladys Borchers’ editorship in a few ways. The push for international education and methodology connects to Borchers striving for the perfect method by which to instruct students in the classroom. The emphasis on German practices directly relates to Borchers’ research into their methodology and speech communication education program. Finally, Borchers starts to bring in articles that focus on theatre a way by which speech could be interpreted. The additional of theatre into a speech education journal is monumental in the sense that theatre is being utilized a way by which instructors could connect students with text in a new method.
Leaving a Legacy: Praising Influential Scholars in the Field of Speech
Gladys Borchers continued making influential changes to The Speech Teacher during her term as editor. Borchers introduced the concept of highlighting influential scholars in the field of speech communication. This concept has been done in the traditional manner to pay homage to the life of...

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