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Is it possible for a fictional novel to have the characteristic elements to make the reader believe that it is nonfiction? In the novel, Bleachers by John Grisham, we witness a disoriented former high school all-star quarterback make a return to his hometown after many years as he tries to figure out the feelings he has for his former Coach. The novel takes place in a small town called Messina, where the biggest events to happen are high school football on a Friday night. Other than Spartan football, the small populated, Messina does not have much going for them besides hearing about the latest news and gossip spread with the locals. Neely Crenshaw is the main character focused in the story. A once high school hero for breaking quarterback records and accumulating wins for the Spartans, decides whether if it is right to keep a grudge or be thankful from his passing coach, Eddie Rake. Eddie Rake is the reason why Spartan football was put on the map. His intense and unorthodox practice turned students into actual Spartans of football. He is also the reason many former Spartan football players have returned, including Neely because he has been in severe condition due to cancer. As the players reminisce on realistic events and moments of state games, they also await for the lights to shut off on Rake’s Field. The believable context of this fictional novel has a convincing setting, theme, characters, and events that make readers believe the possibility in real life.
The setting takes place in a small town called Messina, Mississippi. Before founding out that it took place in Mississippi, the beginning of the novel had a southern vibe where the folks enjoy red and yellow maple plants grow, but still have dirt roads to park in (24). The town has a small population where news travels fast and everybody knows everybody. There are no big named corporate companies around, just local owners and family business in the rural area far from city lights. Personally, my cousin used to live in a small city down in Arizona until he finally moved to Concord. Bleacher’s setting reminded me of this town because it was also a town that is obsesses with their high school’s football team. I’ve always imagine what it would have been like to live in a place far from the city and a southern vibe. Messina helps me imagine growing up in a town, looking forward to Friday and watching home green jersey Spartans take the field. The setting and the Arizona town are somewhat similar. This means that the realism of the descriptive environment within the fictional novel can in fact, be possible. There are many southern states that have a small population and are prideful of their local high school football team. There are also people in the real world that have similar traits and experiences like the fictional characters of Bleachers.
Neely Crenshaw is a man that deals with a conflict from his past and issues with forgiveness. This is a realistic problem everyone goes...

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