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Bleeding Green And White Essay

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The history of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte started back on September 23, 1946. A woman by the name of Bonnie Ethel Cone founded UNCC on that date. The size of the school has grown since 1946 and there is no religious affiliation to this college, students may practice what they please, and when. UNCC does have a mascot, his name is Norm the Niner.
UNCC has a pleasant environment. Typical classes are not an intimidating size, being usually a 19:1 student-faculty ratio and a 48% female and a 52% male population. Ethnicity is somewhat diverse having a 21.7% racial student minority. UNCC is a Co-educational school and has always been. UNCC is ranked #201 among the ...view middle of the document...

Expenses regarding meal plans, a student will acquire a meal card at the beginning of the year for meals throughout the day. If he or she runs out of money on the card, it is refillable. The card is valid at any on campus restaurant.
The location and size of UNCC aren’t too far or too big. UNCC is located at 9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28223 and at this point, is 505 miles away from home (7194 S. SR. 19, Bloomville, OH, 44818). It’s campus size being at 1,000 acres, it’s a medium size campus and not too intimidating.

There are over 420 highly qualified personnel working at UNCC for all facilities and education purposes. Dining facilities include the residential dining hall (RDH), Main St. Market, Crown Commons, Bistro49, Outtakes, etc. Important or most visited facilities include the Barnhart Activity center, popular for its: climbing wall, 24hr fitness center, athletics academic office, recreational courts, weight room, indoor track, meeting rooms/salons and group fitness. Another popular facility is the Atkins library, popular among students to study with its quiet environment to concentrate. An upside to the Atkins library is the option to use service dogs which are available to calm the nerves of stressed students.
Applying for financial aid? The deadline is March 1 of the current year. Along with the application for financial aid, FASFA must be turned in along with it. To submit FASFA, one must review and accept their award, review aid, maintain aid and apply. To maintain FASFA, it must be completed annually and the applicant must maintain his or her SAP. 66.6% of applicants are able to obtain financial aid after applying. When applying for scholarships, there are so many to apply for that it can be stressful. Some of the many scholarships include: A K Sutton scholarship (Mathematics), Abigail Elizabeth Gudeman Scholarship (General), Accounting Scholarship (Accounting), AIA Charlotte Scholarship (General), Alan Kulwicki Memorial Scholarship (General), etc.

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