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The creative format I have attempted to do here is a poem in which I describe a situation in my life that is somehow related to Wendy Rose’s poems in which she describes several of her personal experiences within’ the society she has lived and her ancestors. My intent is to show the reader that by using literary techniques such as metaphors, symbolism, and personification that the style of writing of my poems will demonstrate the relationship with Wendy Rose’s style of writing. The intended audience is teenagers and adults for the reason that the poems I made have deeper meanings than what they are actually describing. The register of this poem is simple though very profound and deep. The aspects of the original work I focused on are the personal experiences that Wendy Rose has had throughout her description in the poems and I explored these elements by analyzing several of her poems.
Poem #1: A Time in Your Life
There’s a time in life
where you get to know
whether that other someone felt something deep about you.
There’s another time in life,
Were you realize that everything was a lie; a fraud.
Roses become parched, the sun becomes the moon
and everything becomes a distortion of feelings.

There’s a time in life were you decide
the destiny of your actions and experiences.
Tiredness and calmness surround
the empty space of light.
The mountains become black and foggy
but after some time they become bright and clear.
Happiness and friendliness comes to our delight.

A time in life were everything is gray,
were finding what makes us happy is almost impossible.
Problems, conflicts, disputes begin to reign
and there is a feeling of giving up.
But there will always be a small light

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