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Bless The Beasts And Children Essay

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Bless the Beasts and Children The story Bless the Beasts and Children is about a group social out casts that stick together. Five boys, ages ranging from twelve to fifteen. The book is by an author by the name of Glendon Swarthout, who shows the problems of being a teen in America in the 1960s.The story starts off with a grizzly dream about the west and how all the boys, Cotton, Goodenow, Teft, Lally1, Lally2 and Shecke are being hunted down by men on horseback. At the end of the dream Cotton the oldest and also the one having the dream, was shot by his mother which causes him to wake up.As he wakes, he's full of sweat and curses himself for have nightmares at the age of fifteen. He looks around and notices one of the campers is missing, Lally2, a twelve year old boy and his notorious half burnt pillow. Cotton got up and awakes the rest of the campers to go look for him. They all know the direction he took and headed towards the highway to see if they can catch up with him.As the five boys walked to the highway through the woods they ran in to Lally2 trying to get away. They stopped him and after having a talk with him they decided that is was a good idea to leave for awhile as long as they get back before morning. They went back to the cabins and got some supplies and rode horses into town. As they got to town their horses were breathless so they hot-wired an old pick-up truck. They all were hungry so they stopped at a truck stop called U.S. 66. and ordered a couple of hamburgers and a pint of milk. They didn't get a chance to eat when a group of guys around twenty with long side burns, big belt buckles and tight jeans walked up to them. Shecker, one of the three fourteen year old decided to tell them they were rock stars after the side burns ask why they were out so late and why they carried radios. Of course the Bedwetters made the side burns mad and Cotton had to get them out of there. As the boys head for LA for a little fun, the Bedwetters run into the side burns on the road. The side burns pass them causing the Bedwetters to pull off, the side burns get out of their "˜63 Plymouth. The side burns start talking to the boys and notice that the truck has no keys. The side burns mention that they could go to the police. Teft gets out the .22 they brought along on the journey and shoots out one of the Plymouth racing sticks and then threting the sideburns with the gun. The sideburns leave and the boys are on their way. As the bedwetters are driving down the highway they realize the sideburns could still call the police they hit the gas.They were flying along a dirt road when the truck began to sputter and completely conked out. They were out of gas and in...

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