Blind Date Vs Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

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COMPARE THE OPENING SEQUENCES OF 'WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE' AND 'BLIND DATE'Game shows in today's society are becoming increasingly popular with the likes of 'Big Brother' taking the spotlight. Two of the most popular game shows today are 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' and 'Blind Date'. 'Who wants to be a millionaire' is a quiz show shown on ITV at 8. 00 p.m. weekends. The object is to try to win £1000000, hence the name 'who wants to be a millionaire'. However, Blind Date is conducted in a very similar way to chat shows on ITV at 7:30 p.m. Saturdays.As the sequence is of a brand news series of Blind Date, the audience clearly notices new attraction-based features to the shows content. The CGI at the beginning has been updated, now showing heart-shaped images within each letter of the words 'Blind' and 'Date' proving to relate to the show. It also seems a lot brighter and more colourful than previously. This was done intentionally to portray a new freshened look for the show, as if it has been spring-cleaned, so looks cleaner, fresher and contains new content.However, the opening sequence begins with a medium/close -up shot of a woman in her mid-thirties. She is walking slowly and there is a spotlight behind her. The camera zooms out quickly and a big '?' is being shone onto the ground. There are lots of people looking at something that are slightly away from the camera and are walking towards it slowly. Lines of light (mainly purple and blue) appear across peoples faces and the shots are mainly close ups and medium shots of peoples faces however there is also the occasional long shot behind people where the audience catches a glimpse of what they are looking at.Eventually the audience sees what it is they are looking at and it is an intricate symbol with '£' signs woven into the design. The lights were making up this symbol all the way through until this point/. The symbol has 'millionaire' written to the camera goes through this the studio is revealed from above. The camera zooms down and Chris Tarrant (the presenter enters).The camera work very much resembles a chat show, it uses a lot of close-ups of the person talking conveying emotion, yet pans outwards every so often to show the three of them together and prior to this, pans out to show the whole wide-angle shot and a long shot.As the cameras portray sub-conscious messages to the audience a very limited amount of movement is used. The most extravagant piece of movement within this whole sequence is the couple's entrance as they move down the stairs.The editing, blending the cameras into each others shot is also used somewhat limited as it just simply switches from one view to another, out of the three views used.When the title sequence of 'millionaire' commences the shot of the woman quickly establishes an enigma for the audience who want to know 'what is the light?' and 'what is she looking at? The '?' is a symbol of mystery and intrigue and adds to the audience's...

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