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A Story of Blind Faith "Cathedral" is a short story with an underlying theme of loneliness shrouded in a maze of metaphor. The loneliness of not having friends, of loosing loved ones, of not being able to witness the world that surrounds them, these are just some of the themes of this story.The story is based on the loneliness of its characters. The man describing his wife's history with depression opens up the story. From the way he describes her past, he seems to be kind of insensitive. When describing her ex-husband, Robert, the blind man, and the suicide attempt, the husband seems like he is very disconnected. From his tone, it sounds as if he doesn't think her past is any of his business, and that is why he seems insensitive.In the telling of the wife's past, the husband also gives some background information on Robert. He tells how Robert put an ad in the paper for someone to read for him. Robert owns, or somehow manages a business, we don't find out which, but he has some control role. While this has a business function, clearly Robert also is looking for someone to spend time with.As for himself, the husband does not tell much about his past. We find out from his wife that he does not have any friends and that he spends all his time in the house. His attitude and way of treating people explains this to us, he probably doesn't have any friends because those that would be his friends, think he is a jerk.In this story, a blind man named Robert comes to visit a woman who is an old and very close friend. This visit is very disturbing to the woman's husband, who has some problems with the blind man's handicap and the man's closeness to his wife. The husband's problem with Robert is that he is "different". The husband is not accustomed to people who are different coming into his house, let alone spending the night.We see this attitude of the husband against people that "are not normal" to him several times. Throughout the story, the husband makes snide comments that most people would think are very improper, even if it is only said to a person's wife in private. First, when the husband asks about the blind man's wife, he is showing some racial prejudice- "Her name was Beulah. Beulah! That's a name for a colored woman."˜Was she a negro?' (922)" Now I don't know if the name Beulah is an African name, but I did go to school in a town named Beulah. Beulah was the name of a young German girl whose father founded the town. So this statement by the husband in the story not only has some racial prejudice, but really doesn't not know what he is even talking about. He is trying to explain to his wife why does not like...

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