Blinded By The Light: A Review Of The Movie Blow

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The movie Blow was the third movie released in 2001 that submerged the America waste deep into the drug culture, following Traffic and Requiem for a Dream. Unlike Traffic and Requiem for a Dream, Blow hits the drug culture from another point of view, the dealers. George Jung, played by Johnny Depp, is a free spirited young man from Boston who decides to move out to California with his best friend Tuna. California Turns into one big party for George and Tuna. When all the money is spent Tuna has the idea to sell weed to make there living. In just a few short months Boston George is hooking up the entire surrounding community.This movie was a good opportunity for Johnny Depp to show the range he has in his acting. He was able to go from a fresh-faced twenty year old who was full of hope and ambition to a fifty-year old man who has been broken by life.The emotion is truly brought out by the inspirational relationship between George and father Fred Jung, played by Ray Liota. He was able to bring a whole new point of view upon a drug dealer, trying to send the message of what Georges true priorities in life were. Rachel Griffiths ties the whole family together with her stubborn ways, that would not accept Georges way of life. Altogether, the actors seemed very comfortable working with each other which just added to the emotion of the movie. I thought that the soundtrack from the movie has been one of the better soundtracks to have come out in the past few years. The line up of the drug related classic rock songs were essential in this movie. They really helped in portraying the time sequences in the movie. Starting with the more classic rock songs of the seventies, moving into the flashy Miami Vice tunes of the eighties.The lighting through out the movie fit the tone. The director kept the scenes darker during the hard time in Jungs life. In someways, it seems as though the movie is trying to glorify the job of a drug dealer. With the luxuries and Riches that it brings to George in his family. But it is all brought back to what Georges father tells him in the beginning after their family goes bankrupt."Money isn't real. It doesn't matter; it only seems like it does." A lesson which will affect George more that he could imagine. Throughout the movie I was convinced that it was glorifying the...

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