Blindly Opposing The Facts: A Study Of The Ill Effects Of Absolutism From The Left And Right Wing Parties.

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Since the foundation of the two-party system and the emergence of "Left" and "Right" ideologies in 1786, the two camps have always been opposed to each other's principles - partisanship is a key part of our government's system of checks and balances. The problem with partisanship is that assumes both parties' members have enough mind to at least hear out the other party or camp. As of late a number of issues in our country have warranted the presence of protesters. Everything from the recent war, to Bush, and even regarding old battles such as abortion, protesters have been out shouting and waving signs convinced they can convince their opponents that their beliefs should take precedence. Using the term 'protesters' in this essay, the reference should be placed on sign-wavers, marchers, and the shouting masses, obviously the diversity of the topics means this essay is referring to protestors of both wing's ideologies. But what exactly has warranted this sudden surge of protests within the United States? This question can easily be answered by following this phenomenon's root causes to the source. From the protestor's emotional arguments and the party's absolute ideologies stems a wall of opposition which logic, facts, and reasoning often cannot penetrate - this wall is called blind opposition.First off, to really write a paper about the increased number of protesters some generalities will have to be made in an attempt to bring some sort of order to the diversity of the activist's grounds. That being said, we can see that a commonality among nearly all protestors is their emotional approach to solving problems. Rather than attempting to promote change through the use of pre-established systems, a protesters aims to disrupt the daily flow of their target in an effort to destabilize and destroy that institution, policy, etc. That is simply the fundamental basis of operations for any protest; the way different groups go about and have gone about the destabilization is quite varied. While some use education as a form of protests, scripting startling facts on posters for example, other rely on more emotional means, coming up with catchy slogans and insightful questions. The only problem with protesting is that it leaves no room for the mark of the protests to make their case, to drop their facts, and to educate the masses. The emotional tendencies of protests can more of less be described as partisanship frenzy. Leaders whip up protestors into a passionate rage and then go about attacking the credibility of the institution that is being targeted. Why would a crowd of angry individuals all bent to tear down the institution they stand before have time to listen to the ideological beliefs of the other party or institution? From this tendency, the emergence of a cause becomes more evident as to why the increased number of protesters - blind opposition.An ancient Chinese master once said, "Know thy enemy and know thy self." Well it appears apparent this...

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