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The book begins as a man is waiting in his car for a stoplight to turn green. All of a sudden his world is overcome by milky whiteness. As the drivers behind him get frustrated that they can not

pass they get out and mob his car. The poor man screams that he is blind and while many of the drivers don't know what to think one man offers to bring him home. The kind man drives the blind

man home and offers to stay with him until the mans wife gets home. However, the blind man insists he will be fine in fear of the stranger taking advantage of him and stealing valuables. When the

blind mans wife returns she finds a broken vase and her husband lying on the couch. She quickly becomes agitated because her husband decided to lay on the couch instead of picking up the mess

he created. This is when he explains to her how he suddenly became blind. The two of the decide they must see a doctor as soon as possible. The wife goes to grab the car and discovers the once

kind man has stolen their car. The couple take a taxi to the clinic where the ophthalmologist examines the mans eyes and finds nothing is wrong. The couple is sent home with a note of tests that

should be done. The point of view then switches to where we see the thief attempt to bring the car to a hiding place. While he is driving the car he takes extra precautions and as he becomes

more nervous he pulls over and takes a walk to clear his mind. It is at this point that the thief becomes blind. After this incident the point of view returns to the doctor at his house. The doctor

is researching the possible scenarios and reasons that the man would have all of a sudden become blind. On that very night as the doctor is putting his books away he too enters the milky whiteness.

The story switches to a girl who goes blind while in bed with a man. The view switches back to the doctor and his wife. When the doctor wakes up and informs his wife that he has become blind the two decide to

contact the ministry of health. After being informed of 3 more cases of sudden blindness the ministry decides to take all the suddenly blind and those that have been exposed to the suddenly blind to

a quarantine. When the ambulance comes to pick up the doctor his wife insists she come with her husband. The men tell her they can not bring her as they were instructed to only bring the blind man.

In order to be brought with her husband the wife claims she has suddenly just become blind despite the fact she can still see. The characters who have all suddenly become blind, the doctor, the thief,

the first blind man, the woman who went blind while in bed with a man, the small boy with a squint and the doctors wife, all meet in the quarantine building. The next...

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