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(Ventura, CA) -- An Orange County man accusing a priest of sexually molesting him as a child says many of the incidents took place in Ventura County almost 30 years ago. The "Ventura County Star" reports Lee Bashworth filed suit last week against Reverend Michael Wempe alleging he molested him several times when Bashworth was living in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks. Reverend Wempe was working at Saint Jude Church of Westlake and Sacred Heart of Ventura during that time. Bashworth says he went public to support other victims. he's in spain with george -- lets work together......... ( Has anybody heard from the honorable Judge OverTurnERO? -- The General ( 707 trying being honest for a change. you want to shut down a 2 billion dollar airport and spend billions of tax payer dollars to move it into some one elses back yard. I voted yes on W and my taxes have not gone up. so much for the newport beach elites lies........-- lets work together........ ( Boeing,Am I supposed to be upset if property values get really high in OC? I hope that I have to live with that burden.-- RSMDAVE ( quietinlaguna, you're going to give boingo a migraine with all of those pertinent questions. Facts tend to confuse him. Try to keep it a little lighter for Mission Viejo's own village idiot.-- AirportKiller ( Boeing: How are you defining "frequent flier"? How many trips per month? Just how many frequent fliers are you talking about? What is the breakdown of their destinations? How many of these trips are not being adequately serviced today by John Wayne, or Long Beach, or Ontario? What would be their net gain in travel convenience if El Toro were built? You mentioned "frequent fliers", now back it up.-- Quietlaguna ( Boeing--You are the new Yogi Berra. You say without El Toro the county's economy will be so bad that nobody will be able to live here anymore. Yes, that's just what happens in bad economies--prices go through the roof.-- Repboy ( By the time the first shovel full of dirt is lifted out of El Toro in order to create a park, we will all be dead and burried! Too bad for all of Orange Counties frequent business fliers, and too bad for our counties economy. Soon we will all have to move out, since it will become another Newport Rhode Island, reserved for only the super rich! -- Boeing 707 ( Boeing--Excuse me for staying awake in the 6th grade when we learned to spell. News flash for you: The "powers that be" (the people) DID "step in and do what was right for El Toro" (Measure W). Sorry you had to find out this way.-- Repboy ( Boeing: That's so typical of you narrow-minded economically ignorant pro-airport saps. You think that layout is the only thing negative about the airport plan. It doesn't matter what the layout is if you can't generate the revenue necessary to cover costs and pay the bondholders. Show us how ANY airport plan does...

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Prologue Essay

557 words - 2 pages It feels great to be going to my hometown And to see the crowd jumping up and down I am finally making it in this world And all my plans are coming unfurled This is the story of my struggle And how my life was such a juggle. From this story you should learn something new, Its that anyone can be blink 182 So no matter how impossible it seems Anyone can accomplish his or her dreams.

Eminem was right: what can today's music tell us about our youth

1383 words - 6 pages credible source for this statistic is cited in either article. Eberstedt then goes on to take a direct quote from an interview with Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 about the effect divorce has on kids. "Divorce is such a normal thing today and hardly anybody ever thinks how the kids feel about it or how they are taking it, but in the U.S. about half of all the kids go through it." I didn't realize Mark Hoppus had the credentials to make a sociological analysis

Rock And Roll

716 words - 3 pages ;    Although the Sex Pistols were one of the most popular and influential bands of the punk era, they were definitely one of the least talented. However, the Ramones, who were very influential, they were also one of the most talented. There were many talented bands on the punk scene. This includes X, the Voidoids, the Dead Kennedys, the Clash, and The Damned, to name just a few. They set the stage for newer punk bands such as Operation Ivy, Rancid, and Blink 182, which all have the same style of music as the earlier punk bands.

Punk Music History.

737 words - 3 pages ". While the musicians of the punk era wanted to create a revolution, (and some still do) the post punkers wanted to create art, which is now why many bands are labeled punk but really aren't punk.Many bands have evolved out of punk, giving their music more melodious tones, more artful music and lyrics, and some of them even switched music genres to pop, R&B, etc. This basically defines the punk music of the Nineties, with some punk bands and tons of post-punk bands popping up to become the musicians that many of us enjoy today. Examples of some of these groups include Blink 182, The Casualties, AFI and Anti-Flag.

The American Way

709 words - 3 pages "If we're fucked up, you're to blame." Right"¦ Blink 182 sings these words in their song, "Anthem Part II," a song of teen angst, anger, and repression. Also known in the society of today as selling music to kids who are too young and impressionable to understand that these lyrics are bullshit, a perfect picture of the "American Way." On September 11th, a horrible disaster took place. Airplanes were flown into

"Violence- an inescapable reality" question: "Violence brings violence wether it is an experience in real life or on television" Discuss.

829 words - 3 pages that "illusory harsh life" created by the television. Viewers, in turn, listen to the recordings and assimilate the artist's message of solemnity and violence. A perfect example of this would be the suicide of a 16 year old boy after listening to Blink 182's 'Anna's Song.' The lyrics of this song are highly suicidal and, of course, its influence was obvious.As an extension of the claim that television preys on insecurities and vulnerabilities on

Punk Rock

885 words - 4 pages . It is arguable that punk music has since died out, although it has certainly made its impact by foreshadowing the birth of other movements like Hardcore Punk, as well as influencing the musical styles and aesthetic choices of modern day bands. Among these would be musical outfits such as Blink-182 and Green Day. Genres branching out from punk include, but are not limited to: pop-punk, alternative punk, synthpunk, riot grrl, horror punk, Oi

The Origination Of Punk Rock

1048 words - 4 pages were the favorite colors.      There are many people who believe punk is dead, I personally believe that punk is in the process of being incorporated into mainstream culture. Bands like Blink 182, Eve 6, The Offspring, and Greenday still carry on the punk flame. The difference is that their image has changed in that the bands often focus their energy into positive topics, rather than using obscenities and shock technique

Kurt Donald Cobain

1057 words - 4 pages Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison all died at the age of 27. (The Kurt Cobain Memorial) Not only did Kurt make the flannel shirt and striped shirts cool to wear, he paved the way for 90’s rock and roll. Nirvana had an amazing influence that helped guide such bands as: -Silverchair -The Muffs -L7 -Sloan -Ozma -Gloritone -Mansun -Local H -Remy Zero -Eels -Toadies -Sunny Day Real Estate -Blink-182 -Dover

David Lachapelle

1137 words - 5 pages directed music videos for artists such as: Britney Spears, Elton John, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Norah Jones, J-Lo, Blink 182, and Joss Stone ("David LaChapelle). Besides his photography and music videos, David LaChapelle has directed a number of commercials, too. He's had clients such as H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Burger King, and XM Satellite Radio. He even directed a British commercial for the premiere of the hit television show, "Desperate


1209 words - 5 pages , and Blink- 182 at the disposal of America’s bubblegum pop audience. The recent plethora of advertisements for punk rock seems like a direct challenge to the guarded authenticity of punk rock (Chamberlain). Obviously punk culture today falls directly onto the external, with little substance holding it up. Punk has allowed it to become a community of elitists, and has become as restrictive as the mainstream culture they once so strongly opposed

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582 words - 2 pages When people are feeling down or there is something wrong with them they tend to disconnect from the world and go into one of their own. In this place they find comfort and safety and it is somewhere that no one can bother them for the time being. I myself find comfort just lying in my bed staring at the ceiling and drifting off in thought. For artists though, they are able to find this comforting place in music. Blink 182, Linkin Park, and NAS

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1492 words - 6 pages , it has since progressed to cater to punk rock, metalcore and post-hardcore bands” (Shively). Now a variety of artist and bands and fans flock to the concert to listen to music, meet other fans and possible meet bands. The punk age appeared to have thrived quite well in the music industry in the 1990's and 2000's with bands such as Blink- 182, Green Day, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Jimmy Eat World, and New Found Glory. The band Blink-182 consists of

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520 words - 2 pages . Artists that have made a profound difference include Eminem,Ruff Ryders, Eve, Blink 182, J. LO, and the White Stripes. These are a couple famousartists which are listened to by many different members of society. Technology haschanged music in that sounds can be distorted and played back in a unique manner.Technology has allowed many bands/artists to record music in a short period,rather than waiting many months. Music is very different now from the

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512 words - 2 pages . Therefore true to punk tradition it was a stand up comic show between songs as the members cracked jokes into their microphones. Most of the songs had a song with distorted amps, catchy choruses, and an extremely vivace tempo. They played their own compositions, punk covers, and songs from other punk bands popular to this time such as New Found Glory, Blink 182, and The Ataris. Punk covers are songs that are anything but punk soundings to begin