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Blogs Are Here To Stay Essay

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Blogs: Fad or Here To Stay?

The question is, are blogs here to stay or are they just a fad? To answer this question, one must understand what a blog is exactly. There are many definitions for a blog. One source defines blog simply as “an online Journal (Glossary of Terms).” That is one of the less complex definitions. Another source wrote “Contraction from the term Web Log. This is an online diary or journal which is published and shared with others on the web by an individual, who is known as a ‘blogger’. Blogging has now become a very popular publishing method on the web as the software does not require any technical knowledge to use and this has the potential to move into the corporate world soon (Alba).” Basically anyone who wants to can create a blog. Bloggers can write about almost anything in their blog, but they usually are about personal life. They also write about world issues, their feelings on a topic, and now even various corporations use them to advertise their companies. Although a lot of people use blogs, some these days, are anti-bloggers. These people refuse to set up a blog for their own personal life because they feel it is corny. They find it too computer nerdy and think it is another thing for dorks to get addicted to. They are very wrong because many people of all ages and types create blogs online. I myself don’t have my own blog set up, but am not out to make fun of those who do.

Besides the simple blog that most users set up to share their personal thoughts and experiences, companies now put them on their websites to create more revenue. There are actually seminars out there that help business owners create a blog and reasons why they should have one. For one, they are very easy to use and do not require much computer/internet experience. They can replace your e-news letter. A blog is extremely easy to maintain and update frequently. A blog user should have no trouble adding or removing what he or she wishes. Having a blog will also help drag a lot more attention to your website. Search engines love blogs so when someone types in a search it is possible that your site will have a better chance of showing up just because you have a blog. Considering there is information sold and seminars being held to help support blogs, I have a feeling they are more than just a fad. They are the new technology that gives businesses an advantage in such a competitive market as in America. To be able to do all these things in a much more efficient manner, will help the company grow. Anything that will help a company gain an edge over others is definitely worth using (ROI Of Business Blogging).

Bloggers who use it to express their personal feelings have their own reasons as well. Creating an online diary takes knowledge, patience, and time. A blog is much easier to setup and use as compared to creating and maintaining your own website. A lot of blogs...

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