Blood And Rage: A Cultural History Of Terrorism By Michael Burleigh

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My first secondary source is the book, “Blood and Rage: A Cultural History of Terrorism” written by Michael Burleigh. In his book, he investigates the nature of terrorism, with its origins in the West to the current global acts of terrorism. Burleigh examines the roots of terrorism in the last 150 years such as the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Russian Nihilists, Red Brigades, Black International, Tamil Tigers and Al Qaeda. He also explores the political impact of those who cause violence and those who are affected by it. He shows that the groups are not only religiously motivated but are also motivated by ideological and separatist motives. He further shows how contrary to popular belief, terrorist are big fans of technology and much of their agitation is driven by the acts of Western Governments themselves. He towards the end of his book shows the positive side of his book and gives recommendations on how terrorism can be defeated.
In the paper, Economic Conditions and the Quality of Suicide terrorism , the authors study the relationship between economic conditions with the characteristics of terrorists and the targets they attack. The poor economic conditions coupled with high unemployment in regions have enabled terrorist organizations to recruit individuals who are more educated, mature and experienced for their suicide attacks. This gives the terrorist organizations the ability to attack more important targets which are located closer to their district of residence. Nevertheless, he also shows that there is no correlation between the qualities of terror attacks and bad economic conditions but rather affect groups that provide excludable public goods by increasing their ability to commit terror attacks during difficult economic times.
One of my other sources also includes about “History of Terrorism: From Antiquity to Al Qaeda” , which is also an anthology of studies on history. This book includes works of renowned historians who study the history of terrorism, all the way from their origins during the Roman Empire to the current insurgent and militant movements being carried around the world. It investigates the motives behind terrorism and the acts, and tries to show that the causes are more than just religious motivations. For example, one of the origins of the Jewish terrorist group, Antiquity during the Roman Empire, came into existence only after the census carried out by the Romans which the Jewish believed to be deliberate humiliation.
In his book, “A History of Terrorism” , Walter Laqueurs studies the political terror history from the late 19th century to the present day multifaceted terrorist groups that operate today in the modern world. His studies include the clashes between right wings and left wings, art of guerrilla warfare and conclusively the sociology of terrorism. He also shows the role of media and how they have had made the terrorist stronger by propagating them. He also shows how these groups are not...

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