Blood Diamonds And Rap Industry Essay

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Conflict or blood diamonds are diamonds that have been mined by means of forced labor or slavery. Blood diamonds come from places like Sierra Leone. The people of Sierra Leone are being enslaved by the rebel Revolutionary United Front (R.U.F). A majority of the people that are enslaved are children including what are called demobilized child soldiers. Demobilized child soldiers are child soldiers that no longer are in the rebel army but have to stay at camps where all of the "retired" child soldiers have to go until the Revolutionary United Front decide to either kill them or find use for them by making them rejoin their ranks. The rebel army uses the child soldiers to help imprison other ...view middle of the document...

it is a vicious cycle where the only ones to come out on top are the rebels.

 The need for diamonds or " rocks " but better known as "bling"  has made it so that the rebels have thrived. You need not to stop buying diamonds but like rapper Paul Wall said " Bling responsibly". Instead of simply boycotting diamonds which would seriously hurt sierraLeones economy be more aware of where you buy your diamonds because although diamonds are forever, people are not and buying the right diamonds could potentially help stunt the growth of rebel troops in sierraLeone. It may be more expensive to buy non-conflict diamonds but it is well worth it looking at the bigger picture. Rappers were brought to sierraLeone to film a documentary called Bling: A Planet Rock and one of the rappers remarks "just let me stay on the bus,Ido not want to see anymore" after visiting Freetown and the amputee hospital. Kanye did not actually visit sierraLeone but he did write a song called Diamonds From Sierra Leone expressing his opinion on the situation. kanye speaks of how he did not realize that his personal purchases were causing such suffering. He does this by saying "Ithought my Jesus piece was harmless, tillIsaw a picture of a shorty arm less." The rappers who went there said that the experience changed their lives and how they went about buying bling. With  people becoming more socially conscious of this and with some of the press it has gotten perhaps we can also indirectly help the people of sierraLeone by no longer funding the rebels with what they need to wreak havoc and enslave children , men and women indiscriminately.  

The rap industry is a big part of what...

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