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Blood Diamonds: The Fuel Of War

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Have you ever noticed how beautiful diamonds are? Or have you ever realize how expensive they can be? Diamonds are perfect, but they may have a dark side. Keep in mind that with value, there will be criminals. There is a whole market of these diamonds. In Africa, they aren’t referred to as black market diamonds, they are referred to as blood diamonds or conflict diamonds. They aren’t called blood diamonds because they are the color of blood but they are called blood diamonds because of the blood shed for them. These days, more and more blood diamonds appear around the world, but also the police enforce the law more and more every day. Diamonds are gorgeous, but they may have a horrific past. Imagine if the pretty ring in the window was a blood diamond! Many might start their understanding on what blood diamonds are from the title. They are sold to fuel war and supply arms (Mclean).
Blood diamonds are referred to as conflict diamonds or rough diamonds meaning uncut. Blood diamonds have been recognized since the late 1800’s. People saw the importance to intervene in this trade and enforce the law. “The Export and Import of Rough Diamonds Act is Canada's legislation implementing the Kimberley Process,” (Mclearn) which means this law makes the transportation of conflict diamonds illegal. Blood diamonds are sold anonymously and bought anonymously which makes sense because you could get caught by law enforcers.
Most comprehend the idea of a blood diamond, but what happens to them and where do they come from?
Even though most blood diamonds come from Africa, there are legitimate diamond mines that follow the Kimberley Laws in Africa. This means that not all diamonds that come from Africa are Blood Diamonds. “Africa supplies about 60 percent of the world's diamond supply,” (Hoyt) and more than half are clean. “Countries that have been most affected by conflict diamonds are Sierra Leone, Angola, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo -- all places where citizens have been terrorized, mutilated and killed by groups in control of the local diamond trade,” (Lio). This article refers to the countries...

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