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Blood Is Forever Essay

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2009-2013ish - Mystic Falls, Virginia
"Well, Klaus was not my only brother. I had siblings, parents. I had a family. Over the centuries, Klaus hunted them down one by one and he took them from me.
He scattered them across the seas where their bodies couldn't be found."

Rose and Trevor, the vampires who helped Katerina escape, kidnap Elena Gilbert, the new Petrova doppelgänger, in hopes of making a deal with Elijah: Elena in exchange for unconditional forgiveness. When Elijah arrives, he decapitates Trevor for his betrayal, but leaves Rose unharmed as she acted out of loyalty to Trevor. The Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, intervene before Elijah can escape with Elena. They incapacitate him temporarily, although they believe him to be dead. Upon reawakening, Elijah recruits two witches, Jonas Martin and Luca Martin; and another vampire, Slater, to his cause, while Rose allies herself with the Salvatores. After Slater deceives Damon and Rose, Elijah compels the vampire to kill himself.

Meanwhile, vampires allied with Klaus kidnap Elena and Damon. After the Martins help him locate Elena, Elijah kills the other vampires. Soon after, Elijah befriends Mayor Lockwood and Elena's aunt, Jenna Sommers, gaining access to the Gilbert home. There, he makes a deal with Elena: he will protect her friends and kill Klaus in exchange for her cooperation. As part of this deal, he has the Martins break a spell keeping Stefan and Katerina (now called Katherine) trapped in a tomb. However, he then compels Katherine to remain trapped, as she has not only troubled and betrayed him, but also Elena. Later, Elijah saves Damon and Alaric Saltzman (ex-vampire hunter, Jenna's boyfriend, and Elena's friend) from vampires. Additionally, he obtains the moonstone. Elena and her friends discover that Elijah intends to sacrifice Elena in order to break the Hybrid Curse, as Klaus will be highly vulnerable after the ritual.

Elijah continues befriending Jenna Sommers, much to Alaric's annoyance. Later, when Jenna and Elijah go out for drinks, they encounter, Damon, Andie (Damon's girlfriend), and Alaric. Andie invites everyone to the Salvatore's for dinner. At dinner, Alaric stabs Elijah with a white oak ash dagger. Again, all believe him to be dead. When they remove the dagger, however, Elijah reawakens and leaves in search of Elena. When he finds her, she tricks him, neutralizing him with the dagger again. The Salvatores leave his body in their basement.

Not long after, Elena removes the dagger and gives it to Elijah as a peace offering. The two go somewhere private. In return, Elijah explains the Hybrid Curse and his history with Katerina/Katherine to Elena. They reunite with the Salvatores and Elijah offers them a deal: he has an elixir that will resurrect Elena, so they can perform the ritual and kill Klaus. Refusing to trust Elijah, Damon forces Elena to drink vampire blood. Now, if she dies, she will become a vampire. Despite the...

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