Blood Magic Essay

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Dariah PorterTamarThe Books StructureThe way the Author, Tessa Gratton, chose to write the book is a very interesting way, she's spiced things up by adding little bits of the past in with the present, then she changes the next few pages so it is explaining the past and the things that happened or how the event in the present is similar to what occurred in the past, or vice-versa with the presentThe time-line of the book moves back and forth between the present day and the 1900's.It also changes the view between the two main characters, Silla and Nick, whether it's for a whole chapter or for little monologues inside each chapter.The Main CharactersSilla-"Silla is damaged and lost since the death of her parents"Silla, seventeen years old, lives with her brother, Reese and her Gram Judy ever since the tragic death of her parents.Silla and her brother are very close, but were drawn apart for a while when she started talking about how blood magic was true, but since Silla proved to her brother that the magic their dad played with and studied was true they have pulled themselves closer than ever to keep the magic a secret and to find out what really happened the night of their parents death. The relationship between Silla and Gram Judy is unclear.Nick-"Nick is the new boy in town with a chilling past of his own"Nick is a seventeen boy who lives with his father and stepmother in the house that his grandfather used to live in up until he died.The relationship between Nick and his father is strained, mostly because of...

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Fantasy novel assignment: Sabriel, Garth Nix

4245 words - 17 pages some of the lesser charter stones in a rural area, but that gave him only a small area to prowl in. He then decided to break the Great Stones, to break them he would need the blood from one the Great Charters that was easy for him as he was the son of the Queen. He tricked the Queen, his two sisters and his half brother (know as Touchstone by Sabriel) into coming down to the reservoir where the 6 Great Stones were. Kerrigor and his Free Magic

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625 words - 3 pages A zombie is actually a corpse that is being born again by black magic or drugs in the other hand vampire is a scary creature that like drinking human or animal blood and always do their activity at night. I think you are agreeing with me that they are creepy and powerful creatures. Vampires originally are from Slavic mythology. Vampires usually lived in the big castle and they must drink blood everyday to survive while zombies are a tradition of

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530 words - 2 pages The much awaited book of 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' brought no disappointment to children and adults of the world alike. J.K Rowling set the world of magic alight in her first book of Harry Potter. A writer who can make magic appear on the pages of her book, she truly has inspired readers of all age groups that anything can be brought alive if written or said properly.The 6th Harry Potter book includes the same main characters

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918 words - 4 pages himself leaving Harry with just a scar. This makes it so that Voldermort must try his hardest for over fourteen years to regain a body. He goes from living off people and unicorn blood, to being just a mist head, to finally getting a body but not for long. These books show readers that working together in a group and believing can be the strongest thing a person or people can do. They use magic and evil as a way to show that the world can be what you want it to and there is always a way to get through things. You don’t always have to follow the path of a hero to make a difference in a person’s life.

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728 words - 3 pages This story is not like any other story; Dr. Faustus was a man who basically got bored with the way things were being taken care of such as law, religion and logic. He decides he wants to learn how to do magic but he needs help doing so, he has friends teach him black magic, when he is finally skilled enough he summoned a demon named Mephistopheles. This demon explains to Dr. Faustus about the treacherous things about hell but Dr. Faustus

Authurian Literature

1666 words - 7 pages All women have power in Arthurian Literature and all those portrayed are always a threat to patriarchy. They all have the ability to do or to use magic [possible exception is Isode, she seems to simply be a victim of it]. Maidens use magic almost constantly [Lunete and Lyonet], beloveds have access to it [Isode is victim to the potion, whilst Laudine has a magic ring and is plagued by ownership of a particularly vicious Jungian fountain

What Does It Take to Be Considered a Hero?

830 words - 4 pages blood feeds his desire to stay home instead of embarking on an adventure with the journey. Therefore, Bilbo should not be considered a hero. Bilbo does not qualify as a hero because he was dishonest. Though Bilbo was praised for his heroic deeds, his heroic deeds were actually dishonest. His “valiant” personality was false because he used the magic ring as his front. He was a thief, he was complacent, and he was lazy. His thievery showed

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912 words - 4 pages of your blood and use it to write the spell on air.” Nuala bites his finger and draw symbols on the air. His blood floating and form an obnoxious sentence. “What you have written just right away would appear like this.” “Oh…I have a question.” “Yes?” “Why we didn’t use a stick like they used in Harry Potter to perform magic? “Happy Patty?” “Harry Potter! It’s a movie based novel! They used a stick to perform magic!” “I haven’t heard about it

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1825 words - 7 pages ,                       given full fire-burial. Beside them both                                  the noblewoman wept, mourned with songs.                             The warrior rose up; the mighty death-fire                             spiraled to heaven, thundered before the mound.                 Their heads melted, their gashes spread open,                      the blood shot out of the body’s feud-bites.                       Fire

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2490 words - 10 pages engage in transgression through unorthodox disciplines such as witchcraft and black magic, and supernatural elements exist within each play that help to define both protagonists as human beings.              The Prologue of Doctor Faustus presents the themes of transgressions and overreaching when the chorus says, “his waxen wings did mount above his reach” (Prologue.21).  This line alludes to the proverbial myth of Icarus, a young boy with

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1540 words - 7 pages methods and techniques. Voodoo originated as a way to heal the tribe members who were ill and to bring good fortune to the tribe. In Africa it is referred to as magic and is considered a true religious effect; however, black magic and witchcraft are considered evil and are not accepted into society. Those who practice black magic are known as poisoners and attempt to do harm to others. During typical Voodoo gatherings, the high priestess attempts

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1054 words - 5 pages Magic can be a dangerous and mysterious force for those who believe. Those faithful who reside in the Amazon are always wary for the perceived effects of magic. Whether it be assault sorcery, dark shamanism, or witchcraft those that hold to these beliefs are ever watchful. Shamans however can also bring light and understanding to the people of their land. They heal, guide, and protect those they love and cherish. The book In Dark and Secrecy

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9864 words - 39 pages elements in the Magic card game. In addition, both HarryPotter and Narnia already have an established young fan base. Since the releases of the film series --- HarryPotter and the Half-Blood Prince and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, both to be released in 2008 ---are expected to be box office hits (TCNFS, 2007), promoting MTG with these movies would significantlyincrease Magic's exposure.Implementation and TacticsThere are several ways