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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Essay

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How and why does a blood moon occur? That was my first question I thought to myself when we looked into the night sky at the big red orb. Some other questions that popped into my head when we stared at the moon were; why is the moon all of a sudden red, how do scientist calculate when the next lunar eclipse will come again and what’s the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse. All these questions resonated in my thoughts and by my astronomy knowledge and research I am now able to answer all those questions.
How and why does a blood moon occur? First off, we must figure out what a blood moon is. I found out that a blood moon is basically just a lunar eclipse. This means that when the moon passes earth at a certain point, which I found out was called the umbra or earth’s shadow, the sun’s light reflects off earth and creates a dark shadow or in our case, blood moon lunar eclipse. So, why does a blood moon ...view middle of the document...

With this information they can determine when another lunar cycle will occur based off previous observations and patterns. Since a blood moon lunar eclipse is pretty rare, scientist use data from past recordings, even centuries ago to find when the next one will occur. Based off the previous data some scientist try to plot out when another blood moon will appear and if there is a pattern or cycle that they can follow, it will help them to find even more precise dates. Because of larger and more advanced telescopes scientist have a greater opportunity to observe such rare occasions in astronomy. The use of the more advanced and larger lenses give us better access to what we are observing and the data that comes from our observations. The last question that I thought about when observing the blood moon was, what is the difference between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse and can a solar eclipse change colors like the blood moon. As I discovered before a lunar eclipse is when the earth is in between the sun and the moon and earth’s shadow or umbra presides over the moon causing it be blocked out and in this case change colors. On the other hand, a solar eclipse is when the moon lays between the sun and earth, causing the sun to be blocked. The sun actually looks completely dark for a short period. One can even stare at the sun for a while longer without hurting their eyes. Unlike the moon, the sun does not change colors because the presence of the moon, it blocks most if not all the light from the sun, giving us the visual we see when observing a total solar eclipse.
I found the blood moon to be very interesting and fun. I actually liked going out at night and observing cool celestial objects. Although it was extremely late at night, I think that’s what gives astronomers the excitement of observing space and the stars. I learned a lot from this event and I would want to do more activities like this as a course. Because of this event I feel I have gained or was privileged enough to have witnessed a rare astronomical occurrence and I’m glad to have witnessed one of the universe’s most intriguing spectacles.

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