Blood Or Sense? Essay

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Societies have changed over the years; our identities play a huge role in this world. Because we live in a heterogeneous society, many people may have dilemmas when it comes to constructing their identity. The effect the society can have on an immigrant is immense; living in a foreign country can easily change one’s identity. Despite the fact that Maalouf and I are both immigrants with double personalities deprived of the worrisome in exposing our identities, we’re at a variance with our perception towards constructing identities and the society’s attitude towards us.
Maalouf and I both come from two different settings. Maalouf was born and raised in Lebanon for 27 years. He then migrated to France and still lives there. In a like manner, I’m a Syrian who was born in Russia, but raised in the United Arab Emirates. We are both immigrants to our society with nothing to hide when it comes down to revealing our identities. Since my father speaks Arabic, whereas my mother speaks Russian/Chechen, they communicate in English. So as I grew up, English was the only language I was exposed to, and thus, has become my first language. Maalouf, on the other hand, is bilingual; he speaks Arabic and French fluently.
We don’t share the same perception towards constructing our identities. Maalouf believes that people should not have a fixed identity if they were exposed or raised in different cultures. I, however, think that there are different types of identities when it comes down to its national component: ‘Blood’ nationality, which what defines you from the moment you are born (component of “fixed identity”), and ‘Sense’ nationality, which is the feeling of where you belong (component of “multiple belongings”). My identity will always be classified as Syrian half Chechen despite the fact that I don’t conform to the Syrian or Chechen customs. This is me going by the impression of ‘Blood’...

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